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New You: The Complete Guide To Changing Your Hair Colour

22 November 2019

If you want to change your hair colour in the modern world, sometimes you’re left with a major case of choice paralysis, especially regarding the question of how to change your hair colour naturally. Perhaps you’re wondering how to change your hair colour without dyeing it (say whaaat) or you may be asking yourself should I dye my hair lighter or darker. We’ve called upon hair guru Angel Montague Sayers, British Creative Director of L’Oréal Professionnel to lend her professional opinion on all things to consider before colouring your hair. Scroll through to find out how to master this major form of self expression and exactly how to change your hair colour naturally in two simple-to-do steps!

Step 1: Book A Preliminary Consultation

Before we get to how to change your hair colour naturally, let’s get back to basics. As professional stylist Mai Ha divulges:

It’s always fun to have a big hair colour change, but make sure you go to a good salon to do this! They will have the best training, knowledge and skill to be able to give you the best advice, colour and hair care

Mai Ha

Director (Stylist) at Trevor Sorbie

Regardless of if you have an image saved and ready or you’re completely lost, a colour consultation prior to your colouring appointment is not a step to sideline, especially to find out how to change your hair colour naturally, or when deciding if you should dye hair lighter or darker. Call your salon now to lay that all important groundwork.

Step 2: Base Your Hair Colour On You

According to Angel, there’s a few non-negotiable things to take into consideration before learning how to change your hair colour naturally:

Tip 1: Work With Your Skin Tone

It's really important to take suitability into consideration when conducting a successful colour consultation with clients. A beautiful colour can look flawless on one client and unflattering on another depending on what their colouring's are.

Angel Montague-Sayers

Educator & Stylist

If you have a cool skin tone (those with light skin and pink, blue and green undertones), you'll likely suit anything with a blue, violet-red or violet base. Try really dark brown or black, white, or even platinum blonde. On the other hand, if your skin tone is warm (those with darker skin and yellow and gold undertones) caramel blondes and rich brunettes help to accentuate your natural colouring, and make it easier to achieve how to change your hair colour naturally.

Tip 2: Coordinate With Your Lifestyle

Often a woman thinks about her age when choosing colour options, however I don't think this should come into the equation and decisions should be based on lifestyle, suitability, seasonal trends and hair type

Angel Montague-Sayers

Educator & Stylist

By choosing a colour based that suits you, you can make it easier to keep up with maintenance and the right haircare routine on how to change your hair colour naturally for smashing results.

Tip 3: Consider Your Hair Type

It’s important to work with the hair type you have, as this will make it a lot easier when it comes to how to change your hair colour naturally.

Hair type is a factor to work with, not against. Being realistic about what is achievable is crucial to getting the perfect colour choice. As colourists, we apply our knowledge and creativity to the service but if the client bought in a photo of her ideal hair colour with a filter over the top there isn't much we can do about that

Angel Montague-Sayers

Educator & Stylist

Tip 4; Think About The Maintenance

I always ask my clients what exactly they do with their hair from a styling point of view and how often they visit the salon. This then gives me a clear indication of if I should base my work around a high or low maintenance style. If you are someone who visits the salon 4 times a year and leaves their hair to dry naturally then a colour that needs constant upkeep and reviving isn't going to work best for you

Angel Montague-Sayers

Educator & Stylist

So depending on how low-maintenance or diligent you are about visiting the salon will influence how to change your hair colour.

Tip 5: Choose Your Method Wisely

If the only thing keeping you from the salon chair is the fear of chemicals, allow us to introduce you to new, innovative alternatives and the answer to how to change your hair colour naturally. Enter: the L’Oréal Professionnel Botanéa Herbal Hair Colour range. Derived from just 3 ingredients harvested from India, this range is 100% herbal, giving you maximum colour results without the damage. These three natural ingredients offer an infinite palette of shades to choose from. If you wanted to know how to change your hair colour without dyeing it, there you are (shout out to the options of the modern world).

Indulge in the art of self-expression and switch-up your shade with the help of a professional colourist - they know best when it comes to how to change your hair colour!

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