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18 September 2018
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Hair make-up isn’t just for festival season. The trend may have started with cosmetics, but just like contouring, the trend for glitz and shimmer on faces has majorly moved on to our hair. Think of it as highlighter for your hairline.

The trend for modern hair make-up started backstage at Fashion Week. Make-up artists started daubing twinkle in unexpected places like eyebrows and lips, and hair stylists then started experimenting with glitz smoothed on hairlines, on partings, and smoothed over braids. Hair make-up isn’t about throwing a pot of glitter over your head, it’s about subtle placement to add iridescent interest to a hairstyle or technique.

Today’s hair make-up glistens whenever it catches the light so your look can constantly surprise people. Hair make-up is fun and expressive – and it’s way more versatile than you might think. Add it to your festival or carnival kit and go wild, or tone it down and wear it to a party or event to make your hair stand out from the crowd.

Flash Forward

Just like glitter for faces, hair make-up has now been developed so it’s fun to use but so much easier to remove when you’re ready. Expect a sophisticated finish and versatile product, so that you’re in full control of your hair styling. Meet L’Oréal Professionnel Flash Make-Up For Hair, aka the hair make-up that just keeps giving.

You can use this new product in two ways: Flash blow-dry, to add a galactic finishing touch of colour, or Flash styling, to highlight and accentuate hairstyles like braids and deep partings.

Just like make-up, you can choose a Flash that suits your hair colouring with the eight fashion colours available: Dancing Pink, Spice is Nice, Gold Digger, Purple Reign, Uptown Brown, Mystic Forest, Galaxy Trip and Hello Holo. Go traditional with a metallic tone, or brighten up your hair with an on-trend jewel colour.

PRO TIP: Go for a colour that contrasts with your hair to make a real statement, or choose a tone that blends effortlessly with your hair for a more subtle flash of sparkle.


Shine On

Make-up for hair has never been so wearable. Get the lowdown with our L’Oreal Professionnel Flash cheat sheet:

Q: Why is hair make-up different from normal pigment glitter?

A: Hair make-up like Flash is formulated specifically for hair, rather than skin. This means that you get a better finish and it’s easy to wash out so there’s no commitment. Flash has a styling polymer that seals pigment on the hair fibre, so there’s no transfer once dry. Yes, even on your pillow.

Q: What’s the best way for me to apply hair make-up?

A: It’s super-easy with a product like Flash, which has a jelly-like texture for a clean application. Just smooth it on with your fingertips wherever you want to add a touch of dazzle. You don’t need to be uber-precise with hair make-up either – the randomness can add to the effect.

Q: Is hair make-up easy to wash out?

A: You won’t find random pieces of shimmer and pigment days after your event with Flash. Depending on the porosity of your hair, the make-up pigments can wash out from just one shampoo* 

Q: I’m worried that hair make-up might be damaging for my hair?

A: Flash is just the opposite. It coats the hair with a fine, smoothing cosmetic film – just like a styling product – so it actually has conditioning properties as it gleams.

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