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What Hair Colour Suits Me: A Guide To Choosing The Right Hair Colour For You

Elizabeth Hall
18 September 2018
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Hands up if you’ve spent too long pondering the question: “what hair colour suits me?” - or tapping various queries into Google in the hope that you will be presented with your holy grail shade? We know the struggle of wondering if indeed a colour really will suit the all-important important trifecta - skin tone, personality and style. But worry no more, we’ve got all the deets you need on how to go about choosing the right colour for your unique self. To get top expert advise, we asked colour queen and Artistic Director Matrix, Ashleigh Hodges for her professional recommendations.

What Hair Colour Suits Me?

When deliberating over what hue to convert to, Ashleigh has the steps to bear in mind before d-day

“I break down hair colour into suitability, achievability and trend. Start with suitability, check your skin tone and eye colour”


Ashleigh Hodges Artistic Director, Matrix

To match your hair colour to your complexion, it helps to identify if you have a cool or warm skin tone. Start by examining the inside part of your arm - the underlying portion works best as it’s usually hidden from the sun and is the truest representation of your complexion. If you see blueish-purple tints, you’re on the cool side and you probably burn easily. Greenish means warm and you probably tan like a bronzed goddess (lucky you!).

If you were born with black or brown hair, you will likely have a warmer skin tone, and generally suit warmer hair colours like golden blondes or honey browns,

"If you’re trying to go a cool tone but have a lot of natural warmth you’re going to be fighting Mother Nature and she always wins” adds Ashleigh

Ashleigh Hodges Artistic Director, Matrix

The same rule can be applied to eye colours, a warmer toned eye colour will be browns and deeper shades whereas cool toned eyes are blue or grey.

Choosing The Right Hair Colour: Next Steps

If sussing out your skin tone hasn’t cleared the hair colour fog, consider these points.

1. Determine the damage: If your hair is brittle and weak, you may need to see your stylist to get those strands in better condition before switching up your shade. You might even need to opt for a less drastic colour if your hair can’t hack it, or reach your colour goal in multiple appointments. For a gentle touch, the pros suggest The Pureology Range because the products help nurture those damaged, colour-treated locks with their 100% vegan formulas. Eco-friendly and an expert favourite? We’re into it.

2. App it: We live in an age of uncertainty, but we also live in the age of technology. Take advantage of the latter and take the L’Oreal Professionnel Style My Hair Mobile App for a spin, which allows you to try endless hairstyles and colours without having to take the definitive plunge. The wide variety lets you try colours from blonde to pastel pink. If you ever wondered what your femme fatale alter-ego looks like, give it a try!

3. Show your true colours: The most important factor? Your personality. When asking yourself, “what hair colour suits me?”, it should be a moment of self-reflection.We asked Ashleigh how she faces this challenge and finds out the best colours for each individual, “I work with trend” she responds excitedly, eager to share her wisdom, “what colours are you wearing a lot of, what are your home tonal shades like? This is important because those are the colour trends you’re drawn to and we want to make sure your hair colour compliments them. If your loving cool greys in your home, work with rich ashy browns and minky blondes, if you’re into wearing vibrant oranges go for more chocolate browns and soft balayages.” 

After all, your hair colour shouldn’t wear you, you wear it. If you’re not sure which colour mirrors the truest you, here are a few thinking points...

Blonde - Did you know that less than 10% of the world is born blonde? As the rare gem it is, it  rightfully demands attention. From platinum to golden blonde, the variations don’t let us down! If you’re confident, sassy and fun, a blonde hue could be for you.

Brunette - While the colour is much more common than its lighter cousin, the routes you can take with this shade are infinite and can therefore suit the entire spectrum of personalities and skin tones. Fine-tuning this hair colour can make any brunette babe stand out.

Redhead - The rarest of them all, less than 2% ;of the world's population is born with red hair. Thanks to its vibrancy, this colour looks gorgeous with some extra gloss and shine - Redken Shades EQ Colours offer a wash of high gloss colour not just for redheads, but any hair colour.


4. Consider the upkeep: Everyone’s different, as are everyone’s hair priorities. If you prioritise a low-maintenance hair colour, then consider the differences between their haircare requirements; if you opt for blonde, it’s likely you will need fairly frequent refreshes and regular use of a toner will be necessary. To become a redhead, you’ll need to incorporate colour-prolonging products, as the shade fades relatively easily. Decide which hair colour’s upkeep suits your lifestyle and go with that!

Whatever colour you opt for, the most important tickbox to check will always be personality. Rock a colour that introduces you before you’ve even opened your mouth!

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