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Your New Fave Curly Hair Colour Guide

Elizabeth Hall
27 January 2020
smiling woman with short curly brunette hair

We’re just going to say it - curly hair is delicate… that’s why there’s a few things you should know before colouring your coils. If you’ve been blessed with natural curly hair, the last thing you want to deal with is a frizzy, post-peroxide mess only a couple weeks after applying colour to your locks. Just because your hair is a bit more fragile, doesn’t mean you should have to forgo the feeling of freshening up your aesthetic with a fresh dye-job. Armed with the right ringlet hair hacks, you should feel inspired to go for it and get those dreamy curly hair highlights you’ve had saved to your Pinterest board for too long. Feeling ready to make those curls pop with dimension? Good. Keep reading to dodge dry, damaged strands and make sure you leave the salon with a mass of perfectly defined, coloured coils. Scroll through for the - complete - guide to colouring your curly hair!

Handle With Care: Colouring Curly Hair

All curly-haired women will tell you the same thing: colouring curly hair can be a challenge (hello, triangle hair). Intrinsically dry, often coarse, and prone to frizz… doesn’t really seem like the ideal canvas for hair colour. That’s where you’re wrong! Thanks to pro-developed products on the market, the world is your hair-colouring oyster. Let’s suss out what needs to be taken into account before spicing up your look, shall we?

Be Aware Of Changes In Texture

If you’ve never coloured your curly hair before, you may be in for a shock when you notice that your curl pattern has changed after your dye-job. This common phenomenon occurs because during the oxidation (hair lightening) process the hair follicles are lifted, causing your strands to appear more voluminous. Keep in mind: the curlier the hair type (type 3s and 4s), the more likely you’ll be to face a change in your curl pattern.

woman with long red curly hair

Get Cosy With Your Colourist

Prior to your colouring appointment, we suggest a tell-all consultation with your stylist. Finding someone you trust with your curly hair is a blessing, take advantage! The experts are there to guide your curly hair transformation from A-Z. Inform them of things like past dye-jobs, your curl pattern (or if you have more than one curl pattern on your head), and the end-results you seek. These bits of info will ensure your colourist leaves you with healthy mane and more money in your pockets. Win, win.

Moisture Is Your Friend

Curly hair has always been a bit more needy when it comes to hydration. Every twist and turn (as beautiful as they may be) makes it more difficult for essential oils to travel down the hair shaft. If you’re worried about your curl pattern changing, you need to hitch a ride to hydration station. Those curly hair highlights will require colour-aimed products to prevent faded, lacklustre locks. Enter: the L'Oréal Professionnel Vitamino Color A-Ox range - enriched with anti-oxidant complexes and UV protection, this collection makes every colour choice a radiant one.

The Curly Hair Colour Lookbook

No matter what hue you’re lusting after, you need to protect the integrity of your locks throughout the colouring process. You can do this by asking your colourist to add L'Oréal Professionnel Smartbond bond strengthening system to your colouring session. It’s thanks to the invention of this two-step system that stylists can achieve a colour (like silver or platinum) on curly hair with minimal damage. With that in mind, check out our favourite ideas for coloured coils!

Curly Hair Highlights

What divine dimension highlights can add to curly hair! If you want to enhance your overlook without opting for something too drastic, highlights are a wise choice. These beams of light can be strategically placed per your stylist for a natural contouring effect sans makeup kit. Low maintenance mixed with popping dimension? Yes, please.

Curly Hair Balayage

If you’ve so much as glanced at Instagram in the last decade, you’ve probably seen the wonders this technique can work on curly hair. A lot of colourists prefer this method on curly hair because it involves free-painting strands, making for more bespoke results.

woman with long black curly hair

Curly Hair Ecaille

With so many new trends hitting the mane-stream, this is one we’re hyped about. France has delivered many new hair colouring techniques (think: balayage and ombre), and this is another one to keep your eye on. Translated from French, ecaille means ‘tortoiseshell’. The technique involves your stylist colouring a few strands around the face one tone whilst leaving the rest of your hair as is. Your curly hair is left looking more dimensional and this option doesn’t break the bank or the rules of the workplace for a stunning, subtle transformation.

Curly Hair Foilage

Just as it sounds, this method involves the strategic placing of foils throughout your coils. This is an ideal technique to ask for if you have super coily curls because your colourist can monitor how fast the dye develops - over-processed hair can cause damage and a change to your curl pattern.

We’ve spilled the tea on everything you need to know about colouring your curly hair, now go on and schedule your next shade switch-up!

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