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Growing Gracefully: A Backstage Interview With Model Nicole Griffin On Embracing Her Grey Hair #Hairstories

22 October 2019

Growing gracefully is all about knowing, understanding, accepting and embracing your stage of life and using your natural beauty to empower you for now and the years ahead. It is about harnessing your current beauty and knowing that there are even better years to come. We can all use our natural beauty to enhance our enjoyment of life.

The grey hair trend is stronger than ever and we are seeing more services available in salons. Whether you are naturally grey or want to try out the latest trend, it’s about wearing it with confidence.

Somebody who has pioneered natural beauty and growing gracefully is Nicola Griffins who we caught up with recently behind the scenes at an Urban Decay shoot with the Redken Hair Team. Nicola started her career in modelling when she least expected. At age 53 she was approached to be the face of a new campaign ‘White Hot Hair.’ Today, her choice to embrace her natural beauty has led to a new path for her. This is what she had to say for her #hairstories

Can you tell us a little about yourself, what you enjoy doing in your time and your career as model?

I love working, that’s my thing. I started modelling when I was 53 and I did a shoot for a hair company and then was signed by an agency. Since then I’ve been really busy. I love that I get to do different jobs all the time, like today Make Up. I love it and I couldn’t be happier. When I am not working I go to the gym and I’ve taken up weight training, which I love and then I walk my dog. I have twin daughters so I see them all the time which is just wonderful so it is just a win-win situation all round for me.

When did your hair start to go grey?

I was 42 when I stopped dying my hair because it looked so dreadful and I let the silver and grey come through because it looked so bad when I dyed it. I thought nothing could look worse than this but people kept saying that you shouldn’t let yourself go and I thought you know what I don’t care I am going to be white and silver. Initially I didn’t like it but after three years I thought actually I like it. That was when someone asked me to go and do this shoot for a hair shampoo ‘White Hot Hair’ and that’s when it all started and took off for me. I accidentally fell into modelling by sticking to my guns and not colouring my hair. I didn’t understand that when you dye your hair black and you have white skin, as you get older your skin changes and I didn’t understand why I looked so bad but I do now so that led onto this wonderful life.

Did you accept and love your grey hair to begin with or did it take any getting used to?

When I stopped dying my hair, I hated it. It was this terrible badger-like head of half black and half white and I looked horrendous and I had to wear hats for six months. I was thinking it was always going to be awful but when I finally got rid of all the dark dye it looked really nice so I was really happy. I would spend my time trying to look after my hair and looking for different shampoo. I always try to take care of my hair so it’s become a passion.

What do you love the most about your gorgeous grey hair?

I like the fact that the white is coming through the roots and I just dream about white hair. I dream about everything that is white, silver and shiny.

What do you think about the change in beauty standards we are starting to see in the industry?

We are seeing some wonderful changes. Things are changing a little bit slowly but we are getting there. I like that the women of my age can actually go out and buy Make Up and can be accepted as we are, with our natural grey. It is wonderful.

What advice would you offer to your 16-year-old self?

Be brave and just believe in yourself. Be the best that you can be and do not compare yourself to anyone!

For Nicola’s hair, Redken hair stylist; Thamina Hooder created a soft textured finish using the movement of her natural hair as she wanted to compliment the make- up look. She used Redken Beach Envy Wave Aid, Redken Powder Grip and Redken Wind Blown to add texture without overloading the hair with product. For clients with natural grey her she recommends Redken Graydiant Shampoo & Conditioner as it helps to enhance shine, softness and grey tones.

By embracing your natural beauty you will improve your self-esteem and enhance your enjoyment of life, just like Nicola has done.

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