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Donating Your Hair With The Little Princess Trust #Hairstories

04 February 2020
person donating hair by having it cut off

In 2006, The Little Princess Trust was set up in memory of a 5-year-old, Hannah Tarplee, who tragically lost her battle with cancer the year before. Since then the charity have provided thousands of free, beautiful wigs for children and young people who are battling diseases or receiving treatment that causes hair loss. Hair loss can have a devastating effect on a young person’s confidence so the work of The Little Princess Trust is truly amazing in making a positive difference for young people.

Here’s The Little Princess Trust’s #hairstories on the inspirational work that they do…

Who Are The Little Princess Trust?

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Q: Can you tell us a bit about the charity and what you do?

The Little Princess Trust: The Little Princess Trust gives hair and hope to children and young people by providing beautiful real hair wigs and funding vital research into finding kinder treatments for childhood cancers.

The charity helps those with cancer - up to the age of 24 - with as many wigs as necessary for the duration of their treatment and hair loss. For those aged up to 24 with a non-life-threatening condition which causes hair loss, the charity provides a single wig to help with the associated trauma, plus possible further wigs upon consultation.

The charity supplies wigs made from donated hair. It takes multiple hair donations to create one wig. From receiving hair donations at our office, right through to fitting a wig, each real hair wig costs the charity around £550.  The Trust receives thousands of donations of good condition hair from all over the world. The greatest demand is for hair that is over 16”/40cm which will make the popular, longer wigs. 

The Importance

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Q: Tell us why is this cause so important.

The Little Princess Trust: Cancer is the leading cause of death in children aged between 1 and 14 yet only £3 in every £100 spent on cancer research in the UK goes towards childhood cancers.

That is why every penny raised by our supporters is so vital for us to continue our work in funding life-saving research and in giving wigs to young people at such a tough time in their lives.

The impact of hair loss on a child or young person is absolutely devastating. Our beautiful real hair wigs help our young wig recipients restore their confidence and identity during this difficult time. We receive many messages from our wig recipients to say that the wigs make them feel like their old selves again.

How Can I Help?

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Q: Who can help?

The Little Princess Trust: Anyone and everyone!!

Q: How can people get involved?

The Little Princess Trust: Many people choose to support the charity by having a sponsored haircut. However, there are many other ways in which people show their support, from bake sales to sporting events; from team challenges to crazy hats days!  Some choose to make one-off or regular financial donations. Ways to donate plus a number of LPT organised events are listed on our website:

The quickest way to make a £10 donation is to text LPT500 to 70085.

Can My Hair Be Used?

person holding donated hair for the little princess trust

What type of hair can be used?

- Hair in excellent condition

- Hair of 7 inches or longer 

- Clean, dry hair

- Any natural colour

Find more information on what type of hair can be used here:

How can someone ensure that their hair will be able to be used?

The Little Princess Trust: The ultimate decision as to whether a hair donation can be used for a wig is made by our wig manufacturers, but if a hair donor has followed our hair guidelines precisely, and their hair is in excellent condition, then it is very likely that the hair will be used.

For more information visit:

Where can I get this done? 

Headmasters is the official salon of The Little Princess Trust. Clients that visit Headmasters and cut and donate their hair of 12 inches or longer will receive a complimentary cut and blow dry on the day of the donation. 

Andrew Barton Headmasters Creative & Communications Director is the hairdresser ambassador for the charity.

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