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#HairTheLove: A Love Letter From L’Oréal To All Hairdressers

05 February 2020
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Long gone are the days that Valentine’s Day was a day we solely celebrated our love and devotion to our partners. Every year we see messages of adoration for all those loved ones who have touched our hearts in other ways and by other means. The up rise of celebrating “palentine’s” or “galentine’s” teamed with more accessible ways to communicate such as social media results in a spread of love letters beyond traditional pen and paper.

Taking it one step further, L’Oréal Professional Products division have crafted a beautiful message of thanks and highlighted a relationship that most of us all hold dear to our hearts (and heads!). The relationship we have with our hairdresser is akin to that of our closest friends, we share our secrets, our special occasions and sometimes they help us through more challenging times.

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#HairTheLove is a campaign designed to celebrate the hairdressing talents and address a vocation that can often be overlooked. L’Oréal have created this emotive video to encourage us all to take the time out to think about relationships beyond our partner as well as to support this important industry. According to new research carried out by L’Oréal*, many see their hairdressers’ salon as a safe space with one in five (20%) admitting that a trip to the hairdresser is one of the very rare moments they get to relax.  The British Beauty Council found that the beauty industry made a total contribution to UK GDP worth £28.4 billion in 2018 of which hairdressing services were in fact the single largest contributor at £6.3 billion. L’Oréal have even launched the first ever Bachelor’s degree in Hairdressing and Entrepreneurship at a new site in Paris.

Read the full #HairTheLove love letter from the L’Oréal family;


To the other love of my life,

To the one who makes me feel like me,

To my hair hero,

I’ve never told you how important you are, in so many different ways.

The confidence you give me,

Like when I was off work for a year in baby mode and you knew exactly what I needed to make me feel like me again.

 When I was going through a relationship split,

You made time, I trusted in your advice - and the fresh look you gave me.

And when I found that special person, you made sure I had the best ever ‘do when I said “I do.”

Bringing the laughter, keeping my hair in check and the first on the dancefloor.

And when it’s not all laughter and there are unexpected challenges

You made me feel brave and I will never forget when I told you what I was going through and you said, “We’ll get through this together.”

 I think of you first as my friend and then as my hairdresser,

I want you to know you can always count on me too.

Love from,

Your favourite client,

Your not-so-secret admirer.

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Got a message you’d like to share with your hairdresser? Put pen to paper, finger to phone or thoughts to speech and share the love #HairTheLove.


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* Unless otherwise stated, all figures taken from omnibus research carried out by One Poll on behalf of L’Oréal Professional Products Division. This was an online poll of 2,000 UK adults (nationally representative sample). The research was conducted between 21/01/2020 and 24/01/2020.
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