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Hair The Love: A Love Letter To Hairdressers

14 February 2019
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What do you do when you want to de-stress, relax or give yourself some well-deserved pampering? You pick up your phone and you book into your favourite salon. When we go through a break up or get a new job, we let our hair do the talking and put our trust in those who hold the comb. The hair salon is a place to release from our everyday lives, discuss our love life and escape the rat race - TLC at its finest. But what about the work force behind the chairs? Do we take the time to think about their passion, dedication and commitment to making us look AND feel amazing? They certainly take the time to lend us an ear and find out all about our holiday plans for the year ahead.

Today we’ve decided to take the time out to say THANK YOU to our hairdressers, to the salon managers, the receptionists and the juniors. To the colourists, the apprentices and every single person in the hairdressing industry. We hair the love, share the love. Watch the ‘Hair The Love’ video to find out more about the industry we whole heartedly support.

hair the love article video banner

‘Hair The Love’ A Love Letter To Hairdressers


You greet us with a smile as you direct us to your chair of confessions

Where we share our hair hopes and goals - and maybe the odd indiscretion

You enjoy a chat but can tell when we require silence and peace -

No questions about holidays today please!


When we thought we didn’t need you and foolishly went solo

You took us back … to our roots, straightened us out, restored our mojo.

If we ask for “something COMPLETLEY DIFFERENT … but leave the length, don’t put in layers, oh and definitely no fringe” –

You keep your cool and give us a warm glow without taking an inch.

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When we’re desperate to see you, you squeeze us in and get right back up on your feet

Even though you’ve only had two minutes and fourteen seconds to relax, check your phone and eat.

You ace a complicated colour correction like a boss to leave us looking lit,

And if circumstances change and life gets tough, you’ve got our backs, offering up the perfect fit.


You’re there for the highlights, the lowlights, and the grey

From blue, to blushing rose … sometimes all in one day

You lift us up when we’re down,

Turn on the heat when we want to hit the town

Encourage us to embrace our natural hair with all its movement

Or create an individual look that makes quite the statement.

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So thank you for always being hair for me … and her and her and him and them.

You give us locks to love,

and we’re proud to share our affection,

for your hair and attention.


Share the love, hair the love.

No, you’re crying! Who knew a video about our hair heroes could hit us right in the feels.

This Valentine’s Day and the next, we will endeavour to make the day more about everything and everyone around us, to those who contribute to making our lives so special. People don’t just visit the salon to look their best but we go for so many other reasons and hairdressers do not just cut hair. They shape lives, they cut through the small talk and then style our futures.

Tag your hairdresser to tell them just how much you appreciate their hard work using #HairTheLove

Share the love, hair the love.

Interested in finding a salon near you? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you and hair the love, share the love.

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