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Kat Farmer Talks Perms, Hair Goals And Planning Exercise Around Her Hair!

15 July 2019
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It’s a sunny June day in London and we’re spending it with Kat Farmer, aka @doesmybumlook40, to get our hair set for the summer sun. We’ve come to the Daniel Galvin salon in Selfridges to talk about Kat’s hair stories and celebrate the salon experience with a blonde colour sesh. We wanted to find out a little more about Kat’s experiences with her hair as our hair is such an impactful part of our identity. From perms (that’s right, there is photographic evidence) to preferred products and being comfortable with the hair you were given, find out about Kat’s #hairstories…

Kat, what do you love most about your hair?

“I am very aware that I am lucky that I have a lot of hair, I have terrible nails so I just think if my hair was the same I would probably embrace hair extensions or a wig and everything else that goes with it. As much as I moan about my hair being coarse and dry, it always has been, regardless of anything I have done to it over the years. However, it does mean that it holds a style really well. I am able to do lots of different things with it, so for that I am really grateful.”

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What hairstyle or hair colour in the past do you most regret?

“I went straight to a salon I trusted to get it cut off and opted for a bob. There was no fringe happening ever again!”

Kat Farmer Blogger at "Does My Bum Look 40 In"

“I am of an age when we all that coiffed hair, at the time I thought it was brilliant, with hindsight what was I thinking?! But in recent years, anyone who’s had a baby knows that your hair changes so much when you’re pregnant, and after my third baby I started to look like a mythical creature - my hair does gets big very easily. I went to a hairdresser that I hadn’t been to before at this stage, I took my baby with me and wasn’t very prescriptive with what I wanted and I came out looking very “cruise ship singer.” It was verging on a mullet with a heavy fringe and layers - It was the worst haircut I’d ever had in my life. There was so much of it, I went straight to a salon I trusted to get it cut off and opted for a bob. There was no fringe happening ever again!”

What do you love the most about visiting your hairdresser in-salon?

“The thing I love about a salon is that you can walk in looking like the worst version of yourself and then you can leave feeling like a different human being altogether. Your hair, in regards to anything else is so powerful. If you have good hair you feel incredible but a bad haircut or colour lasts so long. The only thing to do in that instance is let a professional help you. Let the experts do their work, my hair colour and cut is so important to me that I will always go in salon. For me, I love going in as one person and coming out another, it’s a feel good factor. It’s like the best spray tan that really lasts or like going on holiday – I LOVE it.”

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What is your current main hair goal?

“My current hair goal is just to have good hair”

Kat Farmer Blogger at "Does My Bum Look 40 In"

“Years ago everyone wanted long hair, we all strived for the longest, most luxurious hair. I did have that glamorous, long and wavy gorgeous hair but it’s so hard to upkeep so my hair goal is to have it looking constantly good, every day. It’s not about length, it’s about easy style to upkeep and one that always looks good. When I say ‘good hair’ it’s as simple as when you look in the mirror you think ‘I love how that looks’ and it’s healthy hair from the cut to the colour, that’s why I love Smartbond as it maintains the integrity of my hair. There is nothing worse than brittle, split ends and that’s never going to make your hair look good. Finding products that work for you is so important. Treatments over the years have improved so much and it makes so much difference to hair and is great for long-term hair care.”

What was your most daring hair to date?

“Unintentionally, my most daring hair was the bob I had cut to salvage the bad haircut I experienced. I knew I wasn’t going to love it forever as it was hard work but other than that I think it was when I was really blonde. I look back and I didn’t realise how blonde I was, we’re talking circa 2000, late 90s and that was the result of me not planning to go blonde but just having SO many highlights. I just kept going and I think that’s really easy to slip into. The mix and tone of hair colour, I have learnt is so important.”

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Do you have any funny hair stories to share?

“When I look back, my favourite haircut is probably my worst haircut. I was such an advocate of the 80s perm and looking back its not great, but at the time I loved it! I had three colour gold highlights, we all did it, you had blonde and copper together. The thought of it now is just weird but I’m thinking maybe they should bring it back though.”

What is your daily hair routine on a normal day?

“This is something I am really grateful for, I only have to wash my hair once or twice a week and it does hold a curl. I’ve got it to a position now where when I have a blow dry it will last for two to three days. It does have a natural wave but it’s not an even wave with some bits really curly and others really straight, I do then put a wave in it with a wand. It will hold for a few days and then I will just put it up after that – there’s a definite pattern and I have outfits that I keep for hair up. I am very content now with my hair as it is. I have so many products; I like to change up my products to change the style of it. I never use a generic conditioner; I always use a mask for 5 minutes, as my hair is dry and coarse. I tend to use sulphate free oils for my hair, as I need something smoothing. I love Smartbond you can have colour in your hair and you come out of the salon and not feel like you’ve had anything processed in your hair. It’s great that you can take step three home with you to upkeep the condition of your hair and it’s an ongoing care system.“

How do you decide how to wear your hair every day?

“I plan my exercise around my hair. Yesterday I couldn’t go running as I was going out in the evening!”

Kat Farmer Blogger at "Does My Bum Look 40 In"

“It’s very much dependant on when I wash it, I don’t wash it very often. I can’t have that mind-set of people who wash their hair every day. I’m not a weather checker but I plan my exercise around my hair. Yesterday I couldn’t go running as I was going out in the evening! With weather, I do struggle with humidity which is one of the reasons I don’t blow dry my hair when abroad, you can see my hair from space.”

Do you have any other interesting stories about hair e.g. always admired your mothers hair routine or met someone in a salon who is a friend for life.

“I think one of the things in regards to my hair is that the older I get the more comfortable I get with my hair. I look over there at the lady with a fringe and I know I can’t have a fringe, whereas five or ten years ago I would’ve said I’m doing it even when I know I can’t. Now I have got to a point where I am content with what I have and I’ve got to a point where I am more prepared to experiment. The best thing about colouring your hair is I don’t want it to look natural, I want it to look edgy. I think we all strive for something but the older I get, the more ready I am to experiment. I would love to embrace the grey, but my hair is a rubbish grey and I’m not there yet. I am here for the balayage and the chunky highlights, it’s me but I just feel a little bit different.”

“The other thing I love about going into a hair salon is being able to talk to the professionals about what you can do with your hair, they know the latest tips and techniques. I would not have the colour I have now without my trusted colourists. They are the ones that guide you - I can go in and ask for something edgy but they know what will work for me and what can realistically be achieved. I would never think ‘I’ll have a go at this at home.’ I put myself in the hands of the professionals every time.”

Interested in going blonde this summer or trying out Smartbond in your colour routine? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a hair expert near you today.

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