#Hairstories: Trevor Sorbie MBE And His 'My New Hair' Story

Trevor Sorbie MBE And His My New Hair Story #Hairstories

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19 July 2019
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More than a decade ago, Trevor Sorbie MBE took a backseat from the hair salon game to focus solely on wigs, via his charity mynewhair. Not just any wigs, but extraordinary wigs for someone experiencing medical hair loss. Wigs cut so realistically that patients feel more like themselves again.

Trevor Sorbie MBE founded his pioneering mynewhair charity back in 2006 when a family member was going through cancer treatment:

“People suffering from hair loss often don’t want to feel different,” he says. “They want to be able to go out and feel like themselves with hair that looks real and natural. Giving someone their hair can give them back a bit of their confidence to face the world in what could be their darkest hour.”

Trevor Sorbie Founder Of The Trevor Sorbie Brand And Hair Loss Charity 'mynewhair'

Here’s Trevor Sorbie’s #hairstories on mynewhair, and how he’s revolutionised the way that women wear wigs, forever…

Why mynewhair?

Q: Tell us why you decided to launch your mynewhair charity?

Trevor: I set up mynewhair in 2006, in memory of my sister-in-law, Jackie. She lost her hair through treatment for bone cancer. She asked me if I could get her a wig so she could still look attractive for my brother. I bought a wig, put it on her, and it just looked like a wig. I customised it to look more natural – she burst into tears of joy. At that moment the penny dropped for me and I stopped cutting hair and started cutting wigs. I wanted to do more. Had it not been for Jackie, I might never have gone on to do this.

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The Wonder Of Wigs

Q: What can wigs really do for someone psychologically?

Trevor: When women lose their hair, they're still the same person but suddenly they are treated differently, which can have a ripple effect. Often for women, their hair gives them confidence and femininity and losing it can be a devastating experience. Having a customised wig that’s tailored just for them can help those undergoing chemotherapy to overcome the missing link in their treatment. It seems to give them a more positive outlook during such a traumatic time in their life.

Wig Cutting Pro's

Q: What’s the secret to cutting wigs for mynewhair patients?

Trevor: Wig cutting is not for every hairdresser. Communication is key when it comes to our charity’s training - it’s honestly just as important as learning how to cut and style a wig. You’re dealing with  who are in a very vulnerable place in their lives. You need to be delicate, so you don’t start a conversation with “where are you going on holiday…?” They will be very emotional. All of our hairdressers cut and style clients’ wigs, customising to make them look as natural as possible.

"mynewhair isn’t just about hair - it’s psychological medicine for women suffering from hair loss through illness"

Trevor Sorbie Founder Of The Trevor Sorbie Brand And Hair Loss Charity 'mynewhair'

It’s incredible the effect a good wig can have on someone’s confidence.

mynewhair Newness

Q: So what’s on the agenda for mynewhair?

Trevor: This year I’ve launched a free wig customisation service in my home for patients undergoing chemotherapy in Portsmouth and surrounding areas. I’m world-famous, but mynewhair means more to me. It’s why I give my time for free and willingly. I’ve been offering this service in all my five salons throughout the UK for more than 11 years and now I have a little bit more time, it’s wonderful to be able to convert a room in my home to be able to offer mynewhair locally.

mynewhair Worldwide

Q: You’ve ticked off your own home. Any plans to take mynewhair further afield?

Trevor: Yes, mynewhair is launching in Canada, thanks to support from Look Good Feel Better, Pureology Canada and L'Oréal Canada. The charity launched successfully in Dubai last year and it’s amazing that we’ve taken another step towards making mynewhair a worldwide service. When I set-up mynewhair in 2006 I had no idea how big it would grow. The fact that the charity is now international is just beyond my wildest dreams.

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mynewhair's Guide To Wigs

Not all wigs were made equally… Here’s mynewhair’s pro guide to choosing a wig before cutting and customising.

Human Hair Wigs

- Can be heat styled to suit by blow-drying, straightening or curling and can be treated like growing hair.

- They require regular attention and can be more prone to colour fade.

 - Using haircare products can help prolong the life of the wig.

Synthetic Wigs

- Usually last for 9-12 months depending on how well they’re cared for and how often they’re worn.

- A longer wig will have a shorter life span as it’s more prone to develop friction frizz by rubbing against clothing.

- You can’t use hair colour on these wigs.


Trevor Sorbie is founder of mynewhair, for more information visit www.mynewhair.org/

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