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3 Hairstyles To Rock Your Medium-Length Hair

Elizabeth Hall
02 May 2019
woman with medium length blonde hair

If you’re stuck in the middle when it comes to medium length hairstyles, we have some advice: movement, baby. The effect of lustrous hair swaying side to side will not only turn heads, but ensure you fall in love with your hair length. Have a gander at our favourite medium length hairstyles suited for mid-length babes like you - cheers to a happy medium! 

Top Off With A Topknot

brunette woman with side parted ponytail

Ah, the topknot. This medium length hairstyles that has become more than a trend… it’s not only our favourite off-duty model look, but oh-so-versatile. You can make your bun messy, tall, skinny - you name it! Mix up your daily look by playing with different medium length hairstyles techniques to keep your topknot fresh. One variation we can’t get enough of: try wrapping a braid around the bun or using a colourful scrunchie for added style points. If easy, sexy, feminine, and young got together and had a baby, the topknot would be their lovechild. For those with longer hair, focus on the texture; adding some beach waves with your curling iron will make your topknot look more polished. 

Flowing Fishtail Braid

brunette woman with brown lob and topknot

Your not-so-basic braid (AKA the fishtail braid), sets itself apart from other plaits and medium length hairstyles because of the eye-catching textures. Depending on how you style it, a fishtail braid is not only gorgeous, it can be worn at any occasion - weddings, festivals, work, school… the list goes on. We’re loving that this medium length hairstyles braids offers endless styling possibilities whilst remaining adaptable. Get creative and create one big side braid with loose tendrils, - eye hearts - or even pin up multiple small fishtails for something different. For medium length hairstyles, we love a half-up, half-down style featuring a fishtail braid in the back (add waves to strike even more hair envy).

Shaggy Waves

woman with blonde hair and fishtail braid
By now, you’ve probably realised our obsession with wavy textures for medium length hairstyles. The work hard, play hard mantra rings true with this ‘do: this style is here for a good time and a long time. For a shaggy look on a lob (long bob), nothing pairs better than relaxed, casual waves. To make this look , use Redken’s Windblown 05 Dry Finishing Spray for added volume and a windswept texture straight from a romance novel.

With these medium length hairstyles, the only thing you will be caught in the middle of is deciding which one to choose from!

Interested in finding out what medium length hairstyle suits you? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a hair professional near you.

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