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3 Timeless Hairstyles You'll Never Get Bored Of

03 December 2018
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Heidi Walkington

L’Oréal UKI

Heidi is a trend and social media expert at L’Oréal UK, you can find her backstage at fashion week seeking out what’s hot in hair!

Are you tired of passing hair trends? Keep it real with cute and easy hairstyles that never lose their edge. Jonathan Soons, Creative Ambassador Headmasters Salons gives us his top three timeless hairstyles that are chic right now and will continue to be.

Go Bold With A Bob

What could be more of a timeless hairstyle than the bob?

woman with short dark hair in stripey top
“Lived in bobs and midi’s are kind of an obsession of mine because clients feel so good wearing them” Jonathan tells us “and you can change up the vibe with a simple colour swap, French brunette or LA sun kissed, and a little length adjustment.“ 

Jonathan Soons Jonathan Soons, Creative Ambassador Headmasters Salons

Whether you like it blunt and short, long and shaggy, or slanted and modern - there are endless ways your stylist can put a personalised stamp on your bob from the lob to the cropped bob, we’ve got options aplenty. 

Ultra Long

“I love a super long length that looks surfy and cool.” 

Jonathan Soons Jonathan Soons, Creative Ambassador Headmasters Salons

Don’t we all Jonathan. Long hair has come a long way (sorry, not sorry for that pun!) in the last year and it’s not going anywhere, well unless we cut it all off.
woman with long curly brunette hair
“My maxi cut basically removes split ends but no length and has been a favourite with clients across the country.”

Jonathan Soons Jonathan Soons, Creative Ambassador Headmasters Salons

It’s important to keep hair long by keeping it healthy, so if you’re opting for this timeless look, keep up with your salon appointments!

The Girl Crop

woman with short dark hair looking up
“A boy crop - I love them, nice and contemporary chic and gamine – they can totally change a look.” 

Jonathan Soons Jonathan Soons, Creative Ambassador Headmasters Salons

We hear you, Jonathan, we’re renaming it the ‘girl crop’ and reclaiming the look for ourselves. We are obsessed with neatly cropped short hair giving us a break from tangled hair in the mornings and making it all about our face for once! 
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