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3 Ways To Wear Your Hair Under Your Hijab

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21 August 2019
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If you’re wondering how to tie hair under a hijab, and you’re looking for hairstyle ideas for hijabs, then you’ve come to the right place. Securing your hair under your hijab can be tricky business, so we’re bringing you a list of hair-hacks to help you master the most comfortable hairstyles for under your scarf, which can be fixed in an instant, and prevent damage to your hair- win, win!

Hairstyle Ideas For Hijabs: The Braided Bun

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The first hijab hairstyle that we love is the braided bun. When it comes to the best hairstyle ideas for hijabs, this one is a winner, especially for thick hair, or hair which falls out of place easily.

1. Begin by gently brushing your hair into a secure pony tail, and fixing it with a hairband at a midpoint of your head.

2. Take the middle, thickest section of your hair, and split it into three sections. Braid this section of your hair in a 3-strand plait, secure with a hair tie.

3. Take all the hair, including the plait, and wrap it around the base of your pony tail into a spiral.

4. Complete style by pinning your look in place with bobby pins

5. Style your hijab as normal for a secure and comfortable hijab hairstyle

Hairstyle Ideas For Hijabs: The Crown Braid

crown braid hair style

Another hairstyle idea for hijabs that will never fail you is the crown braid. This hairstyle is ideal if you want to prevent damage to your hair, and want a style that will hold all day- hooray

1. Start by getting your braid on: split your hair into two sections down the middle, and tie one section to the side

2. Starting at the bottom of your hair, separate a bottom section into three strands.

3. Wrap the strands of hair over one another as you would with a conventional braid, but work up the hair to incorporate more strands as you get closer to the crown of your hair.

4. Secure the end of your braid with a hairband, and repeat the same braiding process on the other side of your hair.

5. Once both sides of the braid are completed, wrap them around the crown of your head, and secure them in place with bobby pins.

6. Tie your hijab as normal over the top of this style for the perfect stay-all-day ‘do.

Hairstyle Ideas For Hijabs: The Loop Bun

the loop bun hijab hairstyle

This hairstyle idea for hijabs is great if you’ve woken up late and need an effortless hairstyle idea for under your hijab.

1. Start by combing hair into a neat pony tail. This is a great hair-hack if your struggle with fly-away baby hairs that need to be tamed!

2. Tie a ponytail, but rather than pulling your hair all the way through, tie it into a loop that sits comfortably at the bottom of your head.

3. Secure your loop bun with hair pins, and style your hijab over the top for the perfect speedy get away in the morning!

Now that we’ve shared all our top hairstyle ideas for hijabs, we hope we’ve given you some top hacks for mastering how to tie your hair under a hijab so that your hair is secure, comfortable, and damage free #happyhair

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