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6 Pretty Wedding Guest Hair Ideas

Elizabeth Hall
13 December 2018
pretty wedding guest hair ideas

When you think of your friend’s big day, wedding hair ideas probably aren’t the first thing that cross your mind (hopefully). But when one of your dear friends is about to tie the knot and you’re frantically scrolling Pinterest for wedding hair inspo to no avail… well, that’s when the finer details begin to weigh in on you. If you’re fretting about how to do your ‘do, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together six stunning wedding guest hair ideas that will complete your look and have you beaming with confidence (not too much, though - can’t outshine the bride!)

The Golden Rules Of Wedding Guest Hair Etiquette 

As a wedding guest, you want to look gorge without taking the shine away from the bride. How does one strike a balance? Read on to learn the golden rules of this momentous occasion.

Rule No 1: Thou Shall Not Wear White 

It may seem obvious but sometimes we find the perfect cut and it’s only in white… too bad. You must resist. 

Rule No. 2: Thou Shall Not Outshine The Bride

Again, a very obvious rule. If the wedding is on the caj side then leave the fascinators at home, ladies.

Rule No. 3: Thou Shall Not Be Overwhelmed With Hairstyle Choice

If you’re stressing with wedding guest hair ideas, you should book in advance at a salon. Hair stylists are the pros - it is their job, after all. Delegate wisely to avoid pre-wedding panic. With the golden rules in mind, it’s time to suss out the perfect hairstyle for you!

woman with long bronde hair

No.1: Senorita Low Bun

Need something quick but sophisticated? Prep your strands by applying Matrix Style Link Mineral Grip Definer Texture cream evenly throughout hair for the perfect texture to nail this ‘do. The product offers non-sticky shape and hold so you can dance all night. Pull hair into a low bun and secure with an elastic. Finish the look by adding a pretty outfit-colour-coordinated flower, and there you have it!

No. 2: Braided Up-do a la Your Stylist

Let your hair do the talking! For a more intricate style, pop to your salon to achieve a stunning braided updo that even the best of us couldn’t do without the aid of a pro. Have you ever searched a braided chignon or a rose heart braid? Heart-eyes for days. Your stylist will offer a bespoke service that will have everyone asking how you did your hair (don’t worry, we won’t tell!)

No. 3: Perfectly Undone Fishtail Braid

Hair inspo taken straight from the Red Carpet, pairing an elegant outfit with a messy fishtail braid is just so chic and cool. To complete the look, spray some L'Oréal Professionnel Infinium Hairspray for the final touch - it’s lightweight, long-lasting, and has a shiny finish. 

No. 4: Modern Hollywood Waves

A more modern take on the glamorous Old Hollywood waves, this rendition is softer and just lovely. Part hair to one side and curl the side with less hair in medium-sized sections towards your face. Next, get to work on the side with more hair and curl away from the face in the same way. Give the waves a good brush and finish with Biolage R.A.W. Texturizing Styling Spray- this product beats frizz while achieving a more natural, less crunchy look. 

No. 5: Sleek & Straight

Perhaps your outfit is on point and you don’t want your hair to overshadow its glory. The answer? Play it straight. Any straight hair look is at its best when healthy and shiny, so make sure you equip your tresses with heat protection prior to styling. Pump in some Kérastase L’Incroyable Blowdry reshape heating lotion on damp locks before ironing. This miracle cream offers thermo-protection up to 230°C and keeps frizz in check for the most winning combo of them all. 

No. 6: Half-Up Half-Down

If you’re suffering from choice indecisiveness (happens to the best of us) then we have a happy medium… without further ado, let us introduce the wedding guest hairstyle for you - half-up, half-down hairstyles. This style looks best when paired with volume. Work a drop of Matrix Style Link Volume Booster through damp hair before blow drying for voluminous perfection. Next, create two small braids using the hair that falls just in front of your ears and secure together with an elastic behind your head (like a crown). Pin your crown braid in place with bobby pins. Add some loose, beachy curls for the prettiest finish!

While it’s not you saying ‘I do’, we think you should still slay with style at the wedding. And remember, booking with your hairdresser in advance can seriously alleviate the stress of fussing with styling tools! More time for chatting and champagne - we’re all for it. 
woman with styled brunette hair
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