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A Blondes Guide: Great Hairstyles For Blonde Hair

Elizabeth Hall
22 October 2018
curly blonde hair on white background

There’s a reason millions of women visit their trusted hair stylists every month to go blonde - this hair colour radiates confidence and more importantly, fun! If you’re choosing to rock golden locks, the difference between drab-looking hair and lustrous strands of silk could simply be the way you’re stylin’ your do’. Calling all blonde babes: we’ve gathered you our three top hairstyles for blonde hair that will leave you emitting all the cool-girl vibes. Scroll on and be prepared for the tingling sensation that is inspiration!

How To Go Blonde

Whether you were blessed as a natural blonde or you opt to get your strands lightened by a pro, the secret to being blonde lies in the attitude. While our eyes are already naturally drawn to the light-reflecting, sunshiney hue that is blonde hair, with these hairstyles for blonde hair, we’re sure your tow-coloured locks will be turning all the heads.

There’s no point in being a blonde if the state of your strands is a sight for sore eyes. Before diving into hairstyles for blonde hair, make sure your tresses are taken care of. The experts lend us a salon secret that can live in your bathroom cabinet: Kérastase Fusio-Dose Homelab offers hair prescriptions based on a diagnosis by your hair doctor (stylist) that directly targets the issues that are dulling your blonde - ask your stylist about this blonde-reviving hair miracle. With hair health sorted, we got you covered with these hairstyles that will have you basking in your best hair days yet.

Hairstyles For Blonde Hair #1: Mermaid Fishtail Braid

This is the ultimate not-so-basic braid that looks like it took hours to create but trust us, it’s easier than it looks. Laidback enough to wear on the beach, yet dressy enough to wear out for evening drinks, the versatility of this hairstyle is a winner. This Siren of the Sea-inspired look is flawless on light strands because it shows off the pretty dimension that blonde hair is so admired for.

How To Create This Look

  1. Brush hair into a tight high ponytail and secure with a clear elastic.
  2. Divide ponytail into two equal sections.
  3. Grab a small piece from the back of one side and cross it over the inside of the other section.
  4. Repeat on the other side and continue all the way down.
  5. Gently tug on each side of the braid all the way down to add width and texture for a more relaxed style. Pull out face-framing pieces and spritz with a hairspray to keep locks in place.

Tip: for thicker hair, help the braid to stand higher by sliding in a bobby pin up and through the elastic.

Blonde mermaid fishtail braid hairstyle

Hairstyles For Blonde Hair #2: Surfer Babe Beach Waves

Ah, blonde hair and beach waves a union made in hair heaven. Maybe you’re stuck in the office, but at least your hair can look like it was hanging at the beach all day. The reason we love the blonde hair/surf-side strands combo is the multi-tonal effect it brings you. Sun-kissed locks have never looked better.

How To Create This Look

  1. Spritz in a good texturising mist, like Redken Fashion Waves 07 on damp hair.

  2. Section hair by separating pieces and rolling them into mini buns, secure with bobby pins or hair clips.
  3. Let hair air dry.
  4. Once hair is dry, remove clips for heat-free California beach babe waves!

Tip: if you want a more refined look, try gently curling pieces of hair (with a heat protecting serum) once hair is dried for more volume.

Blonde beach waves hair style

Hairstyles For Blonde Hair #3: Retro Bangs Feat. Messy Bun

Cutting in a fringe transforms your look without a huge commitment. We’re all too familiar with days when your hair isn’t having it and the only solution is to throw your hair up into a ponytail or messy bun. Adding a fringe can freshen up a bun or ponytail and frame your face like magic. We recommend having your fringe cut by a professional - trust us, DIY scissor work can end in a less-than-aesthetic result. With your cool-girl fringe carefully cut in by your beloved hair stylist, here’s a how-to on a cute messy bun with go with your banging bangs.

How To Create This Look

  1. Flip head upside down and brush hair into a high ponytail, secure with elastic.
  2. Twist ponytail and wrap around hair elastic (like a rose) and then secure with another elastic.
  3. Use bobby pins to make sure bun stays in place.
  4. Pull out loose strands around fringe and face for a relaxed look.

With these hairstyles for blonde hair, you’ll be sure to hail as Queen of the Lighter Side. Take this hairspo to heart and reign as the fair-haired goddess you were born to be!

blonde hair in bun with retro bangs
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