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A Brunettes Guide: Great Hairstyles for Brown Hair

Elizabeth Hall
18 September 2018
woman with wavy brunette hair
Espressos, chocolate and nature - a few things that prove brown to be beautiful. If you’re looking for brown hair ideas, don’t go anywhere! We’ve scoured Instagram and Pinterest looking for inspiration for brunette hairstyles that will have your espresso shade looking as lustrous and delicious as its chocolatey namesake. You bet your brunette there is a brown hairstyle on this list that will make you proud to be on the dark side!

Why Brunettes Actually Have More Fun

Having brown hair is anything but boring. We’re here to put the rumour to rest that blondes are the only ones to have fun! The right brunette hairstyles can illuminate that eye-catching shine that makes brown hair so lustrous and pretty. How can a colour like rich mocha be anything but delicious? One of the best things about this luscious hair colour is minimal maintenance - with required touch-ups so seldom, you can spend your time styling your ‘do to brunette babe perfection. Point in case, brunettes have fun too. If you’re still not convinced, scroll on and let our brown hair ideas inspire you to beautify your coffee-coloured tresses.

Brown Hair Ideas #1: Poker Straight For Shine

You don’t have to be a scientist to know that straight hair holds an incandescent sheen, making your brown hair radiate like nothing else. But can you have stick-straight hair (unless you were blessed with it naturally, lucky duck) without inflicting damage to your strands? The Hair Gods have spoken -L’Oreal Professionnel Steampod delivers long-lasting results that leave your locks looking loved and lustrous. The science behind straightening your hair for shine is simple: the steam heat helps ruffled hair cuticles lie flat, making more surface area for show-stopping shine. Ask your stylist about how to get light-reflecting locks with this pro-assured tool. A middle part with these glossed-out straight strands makes for real traffic-stopping potential, so be careful out there.

Brown Hair Ideas #2: Waves Work Wonders

Rippling ribbons of chocolate-coloured hair are hair goals every brunette should try to achieve. This duo really are like perfect peas in a pretty lil’ pod. If you have multi-toned brunette strands, this is a gorgeous way to show off that dimension. Before reaching for the heat tools to get curling, pros say to first prep with an argan oil (the secret to shiny hair). Redken All Soft Argan-6 Multi-Care Oil is a salon secret that is better left unkept, luckily for us. This gloss-boosting potion paired with your curling iron creates one of our favourite hairstyles with high shine to boot.

Brown Hair Ideas #3: Slicked Back Sultry Strands

Think of your fresh post-shower look, hair all damp and combed back, just more refined. This is a super hot trend to try that can work wonders on your rich brown hair. Popularised by the hottest celebs in Hollywood on the red carpet, we’re keen to get our head-peeking-out-the-pool sexy vibes on. Your ally for this look? L’Oreal Professionnel Techni.ART Wet Domination Extreme Splash styling gel provides this look sans rooftop pool (although we definitely aren’t against that wetlook strategy either!) Smooth on some of this gel throughout the top portion of your head and comb, stopping just after the back of your head. Leave the rest of your strands loose for a put-together damp look we love.

Brown Hair Ideas #4: Messy French Braid Bun

We love anything French-inspired. This take on the messy low-hanging bun is chic and just downright cute. What’s more haute couture than a beautiful brunette with an elegant ‘do? Try and name something, we’ll wait. Although it may sound complex, this Parisian-girl approved hairstyle is actually very easy… like, two-steps-easy. Step one: braid your strands into an inverted French braid (this is where you weave the pieces under, not over each other so the braid is more raised) starting at your hairline to the crown of your head. Step two: pull the rest of your hair up to meet the end of the braid and wrap it into a bun, et voilà. 

Being a bodacious brunette is never boring - follow our guide to hairstyles for brown hair to embrace your gorgeous colour. The dark side has never looked better, or shinier! 

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