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Bangs: What Are They And Why Do You Need Them In Your Life?

Elizabeth Hall
04 February 2019
brunette woman with short bangs

If you’ve ever considered getting bangs aka the fringe. We’ve adopted the word bangs from our American friends across the pond since hearing it from the mouths of our fave actors and from endless scrolling on enviable social media accounts. Ever considered a fringe? Then you’ve probably sent a mass text out to your friends asking “should I get bangs?!” We get it - there’s a lot to contemplate. There’s micro bangs, feathered bangs, curly bangs… in other words, the options are endless. We chatted with Christian Wiles, British Matrix Artistic Director who lends his expert advice on who suits bangs, trending styles, and why we’re so obsessed with the curtain bangs that frame your beautiful face! Bangs are back with… well, a bang! Scroll on to get inspired.

Why Bangs Are Bang On Trend

Bangs are the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to update/refresh your look without sacrificing the precious length of your hair.

“Fringes are a great way to change a face shape and instantly transform a hairstyle, they work brilliantly for clients who want to alter their look without having a re-style”

Christian Wiles Hair Artist and Educator

Christian tells us. Bangs are the clearest choice when you feel you’re stuck in a hair rut - however - not all bangs are created equal. Which is why we’ve done the heavy-lifting (with the help of Christian) so you can go on a fringe binge with no regrets!

Who Suits Bangs?

Christian tells us that to achieve the bangs of your dreams, there are first a few things to take into consideration.

“If a client has a strong, unruly hair line I would advise against a fringe. It’s critical that clients have realistic expectations of maintaining their fringe and are able to commit to regular in-salon maintenance”

Christian Wiles Hair Artist and Educator

Even with the maintenance and sometimes awkward grow-out phase, bangs are timeless. With the right styling tips, per our pro Christian (up next), you’ll slay the fringe game like an off-duty model.

The Bangs For You (According To Your Face Shape)

As Christian tells us, “a fringe can look good on any hairstyle as long as it is tailored to complement your face shape”. We’re in full agreement and with this lil’ guide we’ve put together just for you, you’ll be ready to take the plunge and finally let your stylist get snipping. Find the perfect bangs for your face shape.

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Square Face

If you’re a square-faced gal then you should potentially avoid short bangs, as they will pull your face downwards. You should opt for longer, heavy blunt bangs that land mid-eyebrow to just below the brow. As for styling, you can go straight across, parted to the side, or right down the middle. The bang-styling world is your oyster.

Round Face

Straight edged blunt bangs are a big no-no if you have a rounder face. Instead, go for thick, side-swept bangs that are cut at a strong angle to give your face more definition and angles. The blunt straight fringe will make a rounder face appear rounder.

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blonde woman with long hair and bangs

Long Face

Long-faced gals, you need to avoid baby bangs, as this will only work to elongate your face. Ask your stylist for longer sweeping bangs that gradually get longer at the sides - think of the feathered curtain bangs that are so hot right now. So much yassss. Rock the parting straight down the middle for a modern retro look.

Oval Face

You’ve heard it before but consider yourself incredibly lucky because if you have an oval-shaped face, you can sport pretty much any style bangs. Micro bangs? No problemo. Side Swept bangs? You betcha. With every look being aesthetically pleasing (envy strikes us), you can afford to take risks!

Heart-Shaped Face

Full-fringed bangs will accentuate a larger forehead (typically seen on people with heart-shaped faces). The trick for this face shape is to frame your eyes by going for layered side bangs. Ask your stylist to angle the cut from the eyebrow to the top of the cheekbone. This look gives us all the heart-eyes emojis we need.

Bang Tidy! How To Ensure Your Bangs Stay Bangin’

Naturally, we assume making the move to Chop City and cutting in bangs is a huge commitment. Whilst there is truth to that, it’s more about adapting your styling routine than adding to it or changing it completely. Christian dishes us the best fringe-alicious styling tips to keep your bangs gorgeous.

Regular Trims

“Regular trims are crucial to keep a fringe looking its best”, advises Christian. Pop to the salon to get your fringe freshened up if you’re not feeling the awkward grow-out phase.

Texture Is Your Friend

This piece of advice especially rings true is you’re going for curly bangs.

“Depending on the hair’s texture and condition, you may also need to consider smoothing and texturizing creams”

Christian Wiles Hair Artist and Educator

Matrix Style Link Grip Definer texture cream is your ally in achieving the perfect piece-y or side-swept bangs. Curly fringes will need more smoothing to keep them in check: Matrix’s Style Link Smooth Setter smoothing cream is what’s standing between your wild, curly fringe and tamed tendrils that dreams are made of.

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Blow Dry Behaviour:

“It’s important to educate youself on how to best blow dry your fringe to give it lasting power - you will need to know which hair brushes and tools to use to achieve the desired effect when you are away from the salon. Ask your stylist for their expert advice”, says Christian. Depending on the bangs you go for, be sure to chat with your stylist before heading out of the salon on how to style them!

Be bold and get the bangs you’ve been lusting after - with this guide at hand, it won’t be a decision you’ll regret.

Interested in a getting more bangs for your buck? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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