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Curly Hair 101: How To Look After Your Locks

14 September 2018
Brown curly hair being styled

Everyone with curly tresses has undoubtedly been called lucky for having such beautiful hair at least once. Although you may not always agree given the trying nature of curly hair, if you look after it right, your locks will reward you with glorious curls that many envy. If you need a little help in how to control curly hair, then you’ve come to the right place my swirly stranded friends. Keep scrolling to get the A-Z on controlling the curls so that you can stop being defeated by the nature of your hair and instead embrace its natural beauty! Join us and Rick Roberts, Matrix Artist to uncover the secrets of curly haircare.

The Anatomy Of The Curl

It’s true that curls can be temperamental, frizzy and unpredictable, but they can also be elegant, voluminous and defined – as long as you know how to treat their unique composition. The reason for the difficult maintenance of curly hair is the shape of the strand. The anatomy of your hair is based on the shape of the follicle when it grows out of the scalp. Flatter follicles tend to curl, giving you the swirls your parents passed down to you. Curly tresses are also often quite dry and as a result, curly hair requires a tailored regimen.

“When looking after you curly hair you really have to make sure you hydrate those curls” 

Rick Roberts L’Oreal ID Artist & Matrix Destination Fame Winner

So, how do we control curly hair…

How To Discipline The Curl

Control the curl by giving it the hydration it wants, “use a good leave in conditioner regularly to hydrate your curls” Rick also proclaims, whilst also mentioning that you should “regularly cut your hair to keep it healthy.”

Opt for a hair mask for curly hair specifically as it will offer you the right level of moisture needed to hand you the reigns of curl control. We recommend Kérastase Discipline Maskeratine, a pro-keratin formula, which provides our maximum frizz control (gimme!), extreme softness and protection against blow dry damage.

Expert tip: Rick’s top tips to detangle your curls when showering is to “detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb when wet, starting from the bottom to the roots using Matrix Total Results Break Fix Leave in Conditioner to nourish your curls ”

Rick Roberts L’Oreal ID Artist & Matrix Destination Fame Winner

Too Voluminous Vs. Too Flat

Curly hair comes in two forms: either it is voluminous and difficult to tame, or it’s too flat and you struggle to boost it.

For those unruly curls you need maximum control so, it’s ideal to wash your hair every night and use a mask. Your hair has to dry naturally, so the evening is preferable to the morning as you will have more time. If you go to bed with damp hair, try to position your hair away from your head. Using a silk pillow will also prevent friction resulting in frizzy mornings!

Flat as a pancake curls: If you have flat curls, it’s better to wash your hair every morning (shampoo and conditioner or mask according to the needs of the hair) and then use a mousse to add the volume you desire, such as Kérastase Mousse Curl Ideal. Sleeping on your curls will only encourage flatter curls so if you’re not a morning person, it’s time you tried it!

However you find it useful to control the curls, the golden rules here are; hydrate your hair happy, find the right time to wash your locks and love your curls!

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