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4 Chic Hairstyles For Women Over 50

30 August 2018
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The truth is, your face and hair change as you get older. Ageing is inevitable, and something which we should celebrate and embrace. As your face and hair change over the years so can your style. Because what worked for you when you were 20, might not work the same when you’re 55. In fact, you may finally be able to rock that cropped cut that you were too afraid to when you were younger.

If you’re unsure where to begin, your hair is a good place to start. And if you haven’t switched up your hairstyle recently, now is the perfect time for a refreshing change. Finding a new hairstyle can be daunting however. You want to be sophisticated but still look like you and a dramatic change can make you feel very exposed.

How Should You Take Care of Your Hair as It Ages?

As your hair ages, it goes through several changes within colour, texture, and density. You may have noticed a few grey strands appear in your hair over the years, or you may have gone grey altogether. While many women fear going grey, we’re here to tell you there’s nothing to be fearful of. Grey hair is becoming ever more popular and we can see why, it’s timeless and chic. But as always, with every new hair colour comes a new hair care regime to make the most of it.

Your hair stylist will be able to recommend a hair care regime to address the specific needs of your hair, but here are some tips women over 50 can try;

Keep Chopping

Get a haircut every 4-6 weeks to promote healthy hair growth. While cutting your hair won’t actually make it grow it’ll prevent split ends from travelling up your hair shaft. Regularly removing split ends will prevent your hair from looking frayed and damaged.

Treatment Time

Add a deep conditioning treatment to your weekly regime. Deep conditioners can address a number of issues from breakage to dehydration, so take your time finding the conditioner that’s right for you. We also recommend you schedule a professional treatment. While deep conditioners will keep your hair in tip-top shape between salon visits, it’s important to let the professionals treat your hair. Ask your stylist for a Kerastase Fusio-Dose treatment. The Fusio-Dose treatments come in four different concentrates that address nutrition, shine, strength, and density. Your stylist will help you pick the concentrate that is perfect for you and your hair.

Want Thicker Looking Hair?

If your hair lacks density—something that often happens to women over 50 - We suggest trying these steps to help build body in your hair;
1. Give L’Oréal Professionnel’s Serioxyl Shampoo and Conditioner a try - a range designed exactly for the purpose of thickening hair follicles.
2. Complement that with the Kerastase’s Initialiste Scalp and Hair Concentrate for extra hair density. This will also help to make your feel hair stronger, shinier and softer.
3. Avoid heat tools – heat is damaging to the hair and will promote breakage on your precious lengths. Lowering the temperature of your hairdryer is a good place to start.

Now that you’ve taken proper care of your hair, here are four styles for women over 50’s hair that’ll make your strands look better than ever before.

Long Bob – The Lob

Don’t compromise on style. A sophisticated lob that sits slightly above shoulder length with shorter layers around the face is ultra-flattering for all face shapes. It will mean you keep some length but will find it much easier to maintain if you have long hair to contend with now. It’s the best thing about the lob - This style is popular for a reason—it looks good on everyone. It is also a great way to begin your transition to shorter hair if you don’t want to go too short just yet.

Textured Bob

If you’re ready to finally go short, a textured bob is a perfect place to begin. This classic, low maintenance cut gives even the thinnest hair lots of movement and volume. It could be the next step for you after you’ve tried out the loveable lob.

Getting texture involved with ensure you have more volume and movement, rather than a static and flattening look that can dull your style. Try out different styling techniques with your stylist to determine what works best for you. We can’t get enough of L’Oréal Professionnel’s Tecni.ART Wild Stylers Crêpage De Chignon to add texture, volume AND hold.

Long Layers

There are some people who say women over 50 shouldn’t have long hair - those people are wrong. There is no rule stating that once a woman turns 50, she is mandated to chop off her mane or do anything a certain way in fact! If you can’t imagine parting with your lengthy locks, then don’t.

While women over 50 can work any hairstyle, you may want your hair to look a little more sophisticated than the waist length hair of your youth. If you want long locks that are super flattering then a fringe paired with face framing layers instantly highlights your best facial features and takes years off your appearance.

Pixie Crop

If you’re ready to take the plunge and go super short, a pixie cut is perfect for you. The perfect pixie haircut will frame your face and leave you looking more youthful than you ever thought possible. Ask your stylist to taper the sides of your cut towards your face to really highlight your cheekbones.

Hairstyling Don’ts For Women Over 50

When choosing a hairstyle when you’re 50 and over, it is essential to choose a style that compliments you and your personality. To make sure your style is just as youthful as you feel, so avoid over the top volume and shaggy hair styles. Overly shaggy styles have the tendency to fall flat, often highlighting any loss in hair density. Meanwhile over voluminous styles give the illusion of a rounder, fuller face.

Instead opt for styles that are more natural looking and unperfected; softly voluminous with slightly straight tips. Keeping your style as carefree and natural as you are is a sure fire way to stay looking youthful years beyond 50 and should be easier for you to maintain.

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