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4 Ways To Elevate Your Ponytail Game

19 January 2019
blonde and brunette woman with ponytail hairstyles

It’s a fact, ponytails with style are in and we have the ponytail guide right here to take your hair flick to the next level. Ben Hards, Owner of The Square Salon & Spa gives us his professional styling tips that will help you showcase these trendy new ways to wear your ponytail.

Low Ponytail Hairstyle

two brunette woman with ponytail hairstyles

Get low B! Not only is the low-po’ a really chic and modern way to wear your hair back, it can help make hair look long as well as put less strain on your hair. Wearing the low ponytail hairstyle works with the direction your hair falls whereas wearing it high can be much more difficult and can result in breakage. This is a great ponytail hairstyle to wear with less risk of hair damage.It's all about the placement of the ponytail, the prep beforehand and using the correct tools” says Ben. Think about how low you want your hair to sit, if you are wearing a hat for a special occasion for example you will need to check that it will still fit.

Ponytail Braids

Have you ever seen someone wear a plait into a ponytail? It’s something you can’t help but stare at. This is a unique way to wear your ponytail and perfect for birthday hair ideas. Want ultimate staying power then Ben suggests “I would generally blow dry the product into the hair, then I would create the texture I want to work with. “ If plaiting isn’t your hidden talent, the experts can create this look for you flawlessly so you won’t need to put together a triple mirror set up to see behind your own head.

The High Ponytail

blonde woman with ponytail hairstyle

Time to get off your high horse and get your high pony-tail on! This style will also exude confidence and sophisticated sassiness. Ben is a big fan too “I'm loving the high pony at the moment. It's back on trend - especially when you dress it with some cool hair accessories.” With celebs forever adorning this look and leaving us wondering how they got their ponytail so high, this look is harder than it looks to master. If you’re not working with a lot of hair and need to thicken your ponytail extensions can sometimes be an easy option with a little help from a pro.

Ben’s tips on how to get a high ponytail;

“Keep one hand tight, holding the hair in place, With the other hand, spray and then brush it all up. It's all about the details - Keep the hairline clean and the tension tight by brushing the hair into your hand. Then secure the hair with an elastic.”

Ben Hards Salon Owner & Celebrity Session Stylist

Messy Ponytail

brunette woman with messy ponytail

There’s a fine line between messy and ‘r u ok hun?’ so we asked Ben how to do a messy ponytail that keeps its class.

I'm loving an explosive pony at the moment too, I'm doing a lot of them at fashion week and on shoots. To add volume, secure the ponytail then create a cool texture with a smaller tong or even a set of crimpers. Then have fun by brushing out, back combing and creating a cool volumised shape. I also sometimes create volume or texture with braiding the end of the hair, then pulling it out to create a distressed texture.”

Ben Hards Salon Owner & Celebrity Session Stylist

Ben’s Ponytail Hairstyles Products

For a textured, voluminous finish, I would recommend prepping the hair with

One last ponytail tip from Ben: “avoid using the hair bands with a metal bit, they can rip your hair out!”

Now, saddle up and get that ponytail on point!

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