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5 Expert Tips for Growing Out Your Bangs

14 September 2018
Woman with dark hair and long fringe

You’ve decided to commit to growing out your fringe, but now you’ve hit that awkward in-between stage. It can become a daily chore to find new ways of wearing your hair whilst you wait it out. We’re here to help so you’ll be free of your bangs sooner than you’d think! Keep scrolling to discover our finest expert secrets to encourage healthy growth of your bangs and ways to style your outgrown fringe.

1. Keep Your Hair Healthy 

The healthier your hair is, the quicker it will grow back. Your stylist will be able to analyse the current hair health of your strands by inspecting them for their elasticity and moisture levels. When you pull on a strand of hair, if it is well-nourished it will bounce immediately. On the other hand, if the hair is tired, it will be more tense, and it can even go as far as breaking.

To get that bounce back reflex, make sure to treat your hair to a frequent moisturizing treatment such as Kérastase’s Fusio-Dose Treatment, your stylist will diagnose your hair for the best prescribed hair treament to suit your hairs needs. You can then follow up the treatment at home with the Fusio-Dose HomeLab treatments for a top-up in between your salon trips.

brunette woman having hair treated in salon

2. Don’t Cut Corners, Cut Your Hair!

It might feel all sorts of uncomfortable to cut the bangs you are trying to grow, but trimming your hair is a fundamental building block of a healthy hair routine. Your strands will be able to absorb more moisture and grow faster. Therefore, make sure you pop to the salon every six weeks, in order to rid of split ends and keep your hair looking vibrant and full of life.

A trim can also mean styling, as well as just a cut. With a few professional techniques, your stylist can blend those bangs instead of letting them grow out haphazardly. The easiest way to keep bangs in check with a pair of scissors is to cut in face-framing layers and a neat A-line cut with a shorter back. Growing out your fringe doesn’t have to mean out of control and shapeless hair!

hair being cut by a stylist in salon

3. Pick A Side 

Pick a favourite side to wear your fringe, moving your parting away from the middle and angle it down. During this awkward phase, a side fringe is your best bet to disguise this difficult length. Use a straightening iron to coax your hair to one side, and fix in place with a weighted product such as Matrix’s Biolage Gelée or Redken's Shape Factor 22. It will be heavy enough to hold your style in place, but light enough to not give your locks a crunchy, hard texture.

4. Accessorise

Accessories are bang on trend right now with 90’s chic and vintage adornments making a comeback, it’s a cost effective way to update your style. For a simple yet effective solution, you can use bobby pins to clip your bangs to the side of your profile. Let your hair fall in front of the pins and hide the pins or wear them as a statement piece. Alternatively, if you want them out of your face altogether (a frequently-experienced emotion for ditchers of bangs), then try a patterned headscarf. With so many ways to style a headscarf too, this will bring the variety you thought you couldn’t have!

woman with long flowing hair in summer

5. Let A Braid Be The Aid

Braiding your strands along your hairline can present another easy, go-to style while you’re growing out your bangs. Braiding is something that takes a bit of practice and a sprinkling of patience but your stylist will be able to help guide you if you need a professional guide. To keep your strands tame in the plait, apply to damp hair. Once you’ve finished, pin your creation to one side, and spritz on L’Oréal Professionnel’s Infinium hairspray. And there you have it – a convenient yet chic solution!

woman with red braided hair style
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