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Hair In A Hurry: Hairstyles To Hide Greasy Hair

Elizabeth Hall
22 October 2018
woman with short brunette hair styled up

By now, we all know that washing your strands every day is a hair crime. Sebum (grease) is your friend because although it can make your hair look wet when it’s supposed to be dry (gross), it’s also responsible for protecting your scalp and providing that healthy shine we desire. How will we ever live in harmony? These hairstyles for greasy hair will not only give you an extra half an hour in bed - hello snooze - they’ll have you embracing your oily locks so you can get through a few more days without shampooing. Scroll on to see our favourite sebum-friendly hairstyles!

Why Hairstyles For Greasy Hair (And Sebum) Are Your BFF

Before you turn against grease completely, know that your body creates it for good reasons. If you love shiny hair then you will have to credit it to sebum. Our hairstyles to hide greasy hair will become your go-tos not only so your tresses stay glossy, but also so you can continue tapping snooze and catching up on your beauty sleep. The modern working-girl or busy stay-at-home mum will appreciate these painlessly easy looks because hey, everyone needs sleep, especially in the face of a busy schedule.

There are lots of natural reasons your hair becomes greasy but if it’s excessive or uncontrollable, you should ask your stylist if you’re using the right hair care range. With dry shampoo and these dirty-disguising hairdos, you can skip a shampoo (or two). Without further introduction, here are some hairstyles for greasy hair to help you hit the snooze button without compromising style.

Hairstyles For Greasy Hair #1: Hey Hun Half Bun

Greasy hair has never been cuter than in the half-up bun, A.K.A the hun. True to its name, this hairstyle is perfect for all you gorgeous huns out there, making your bedhead look cute AF. This hairstyle was made to conceal your oily strands in the most vogue, messy-hair-don’t-care kind of way. Another reason to rock the hun? It’s so simple. Start by prepping your unwashed strands with a dry shampoo - we love Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two Day Extender because it absorbs oil and refreshes your ‘do with a generous dose of vavavoom. Next, you’re going to section off the top portion of your hair (crown) and pull it into a not-too-neat top knot. Secure your hun with some pins and gently pull strands for the perfect “messy” finish. You won’t be hearing ‘R U OK Hun?’ because sleeping in has never looked so good.

woman checking her long blonde hair in the mirror

Hairstyles For Greasy Hair #2: Bring Back the 80s With A Chunky Headband

For absolute minimal styling efforts, it’s time to accessorise wise! This trend didn’t appear because of greasy hair, but if the shoe fits, we are game. This look was spotted in early 2018 on the catwalk and has been observed as a top street style trend ever since. Since the hairs that tend to be more noticeably greasy rest around the front of your face, the headband camouflages your oily tresses perfectly. The tuckaway trend looks flawless when paired with a chunky leather, velvet, or floral headband. The sky's the limit with this look and that’s only part of the reason we can’t get enough. Ensembling this hairstyle is a true no-brainer: flip head upside down and pull headband of choice over your head (the front side should be around an over your hairline). Finish by adding a messy low bun or ponytail. Pull out a few strands to really nail the off-duty model look.

Hairstyles For Greasy Hair #3: Queen of Dry Shampoo Crown Braid

This root-concealing hairstyle for greasy hair works wonders. Regal, easy to style, and best worked on dirty hair (whaaaat) - there’s no wonder how this look made our list. There are many versions of this hairstyle so we’ve searched the depths of the web for the most effortless snooze-worthy take just for you. As we mentioned, braids are often easier to create with a little grime in your locks (add dry shampoo for more texture) so with your unshampooed strands, weave one Dutch braid along the edges of your hairline. Next, wrap the braid around your crown and pin it in place with bobby pins. Pull out some loose strands to frame face and boom - undone perfection! If you’re keen on making this look a bit more polished, with a curling iron, curl the pieces you pulled out to make it a bit more fancy. Hello class.

When washing your hair is out of the question and sleep is life, try out one of these hairstyles for greasy hair and embrace being the chic well-rested goddess you are.

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