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Video: How to Wave Your Hair Like A Pro

13 May 2019
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What We Love About Wavy Hair

It’s not quite curly but it’s definitely not straight either, that perfect in-between motion of hair gently falling down with a wiggle, we’re talking about wavy hair. Some are blessed with beautifully organised waves that need little more than a quick rinse to revitalise and others, well our waves a little more eclectic and tend to have a wavy mind of their own. For those with straight and curly hair, it’s something we don’t even know how to begin to approach. Are you wondering, how to wave your hair? We either go too far with it and have curls for days or our hair falls flat and the only wave in sight is from our hairdresser summoning us to the salon chair to fix our botched attempts. We’re here to get you ready to perfect the wavy hair you always dreamed of by buddying up with hair aficionado, Luke Pluckrose – Creative Director of Saks Hair and Beauty.

What’s The Deal With Wavy Hair?

So why do we get different textures of hair naturally? It’s all in the genes, so if you have a mixture of curly hair types and straight hair types you could end up in the middle with waves. Wavy hair can be styled straight or curly easily because it already holds a little curvature but not so much a straightener couldn’t handle. With products and heat tools galore and armed with professional hair experts, we share how you can get wavy hair.

How To Get Wavy Hair With Luke Pluckrose

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Wavy Hair Step-by-Step: How To Wave Your Hair

Ask your stylist for a loose wave if you are visiting a salon and want glam waves for days.

  • “Prep hair with Constructor to help shape the hair and lock in the shape”
  • “Wave hair using curling tongs in the size you’d like your waves at -the bigger the barrel, the looser the wave.”
  • Luke’s TOP TIP: “Section hair at an angle to keep the length at the back of the hair” 
  • “Finish with Mythic Oil to give a gorgeous shine and gloss”

Luke Pluckrose Creative Director, Saks Hair & Beauty UK

Personalised Tips on How To Wave Your Hair

It’s not all about turning up the heat and hoping for the best, wavy hair is the easiest hair texture to style without heat. Take a look at your hair type below to find the technique to suit you;

So you have…

Straight hair? Wash your hair and towel dry then scrunch in a wave product or texturizing spray and leave to dry naturally

No, I mean really straight hair? Ok, you might need a lil’ heat here, curl your hair and leave it to cool before brushing it out. You’ll have waves that are more likely to last if you let them cool down before brushing them out.

Curly hair? Wash hair and work in a smoothing product, plait hair in two parts and leave to dry, unleash and let the waves do the talking.

Unruly wavy hair? Get yourself a good defining product with hydration to fight the frizz and smooth your waves down.

The Modern Wave

If you feel like your wavy hair doesn’t look quite insta-ready just set, check out this wavy hair check list to see if you can make any little tweaks to your technique to reach wavy hair level: master. 

woman with long wavy brunette hair

Wavy Hair Technique Checklist

1. Start wave higher up – If you find your long locks are just quite the wavy hair you dreamed of, you may be forgetting to style the whole hair. Start a little higher than usual, your hair will drop quickly so try it out and see what it looks like after cooling down to see if this tip pips it to the top.

2. Wave hair at an angle to keep the length at the back – Losing too much length when you curl your hair? It’s the same for waves and when you’re growing your hair the last thing you want to do is let it appear shorter. Luke’s top tip is to wave hair at an angle, leaving the back of the head long and focusing more on front pieces and lengths.

Perfect Products For Wavy Hair

Ok, so you’re sold on wavy hair now and you’re tongs are finally out of their box and ready to roll but with this style, products are key. Here is a selection of our top product recommendations to loosen up your curls or put a spring in your follicles;

Styling Products

Put in work with this prep spray which will hold the style, use before you apply heat - Tecni Art Constuctor

After that beautiful glossy finish that’s super on trend? Pump a little Mythic Oil into your hand and gently brush over finished waves 

Looking for a texturizing salt spray? Try out Beach Waves

Dual Stylers is literally a little tube within a big tube (obsessed!) and the ‘Bouncy & Tender’ curl defining gel/cream combo is a popular choice – 

Refine those waves using this sassy cream, Siren Waves

Go full glam with this a-list product, Hollywood Waves

Shampoo & Conditioners

For those who need to create waves… Redken Beach Waves 

For those who need to tame their waves or curls – L’Oréal Professionnels Curl Contour

Interested in a wavy hair makeover? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a hair expert near you.

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