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Messy Ponytail: Your New Best Friend When You Have No Time To Wash Your Hair

Elizabeth Hall
13 February 2019
woman with long brunette hair in ponytail

As a child, greasy hair was basically unacceptable. “Rinse, lather, repeat” has been ingrained in our heads since childhood… who hasn’t found themselves leaning over the sink, washing just their fringe in a faux-wash fake-out to try hide the truth going on behind the scenes? But in today’s world, we follow different advice. Now, we make our own rules and style our manes the way we want. If you have greasy hair, enter: the messy ponytail, a classic go-to when it comes to unwashed hairstyles. We teamed up with Jordan Garrett, Stylist at Luke Hersheson Salons to tell you exactly why giving your tresses a break from the shower and having greasy hair can work wonders on your hair, as well as the best renditions of our favourite disheveled ‘do: the messy ponytail. “I woke up like dis” hairstyles are trending for a reason, and your sleep schedule will thank you for that extra 15 minutes of snoozing. Here’s to messy ponytails -tidy styles, it was good knowing you. 

What Causes Greasy Hair?

Greasy hair getting you down? You’re not alone, sista. It may be your constant habit of touching your hair, the weather (humidity you sly wench), hormones, washing your hair too much (yes that’s a thing) or a mashup of all these things. And while some of these factors may be impossible to eliminate completely, the good news comes in two - firstly, dry shampoo is here to save the day (and help you achieve the messy ponytail that dreams are made of) and secondly, greasy hair is something we can now work with and create unwashed hairstyles .

back of head ponytail hair style

Why Greasy Hair Is Finally Becoming Acceptable

Unwashed hairstyles are on the rise, but why? Besides the extra bit of time you may be saving on days when you literally can’t be bothered to lather up your locks, the pros are telling us there are major benefits of forgoing this daily habitual part of our beauty routine.

Not washing your hair every day is totally fine. If you’re over-washing, you’ll find that it can strip the hair of its natural oils. If you find it’s just too oily, then invest in some dry shampoo - it will give you volume and absorb the grease”

Jordan Garrett Stylist at Luke Hersheson Salons

Stripping your hair of these game-changing essential oils can leave your hair in a fragile state, calling out for c-a-r-e. 

It’s time to begin weaning yourself off the shampoo bottle and instead, turn to unwashed hairstyles that embrace your greasy hair - like the messy ponytail. Prolong the time between your washes as long as you can stand it, and your hair will reward you for it. Check out our top picks for effortless, messy ponytails that will provide you with more time to catch up on precious rest. Hello beauty sleep - we sure do love ya!

5 Ways To Rock The Messy Ponytail

The messy ponytail is pretty much the unofficial off-duty model look as well as our favourite street style go-to unwashed hairstyle. Jordan offers tips on achieving the perfect messy ponytail when you have greasy hair:

It’s always best to have slightly lived-in hair as it creates natural texture. If it’s super clean, you can use texture sprays like Kérastase Spray À Porter tousled effect spray or a dry shampoo. For me, there’s two places for you ponytail - on the nape of the neck or at the back in the middle of your head. Tip: if you wear a roll neck, then go for the back bone in the middle of your head and if you’re wearing loose fitting necklines, you can mix it up”

Jordan Garrett Stylist at Luke Hersheson Salons

Effortless, check. On-trend, check. Perfect for unwashed hair, check, check, check!

Greasy hair, don’t care - here’s five ways to wear a messy ponytail that will have you excited to skip a shampoo - solely for style reasons, of course.

Get Low

Low-swept but high chic, this low-sitting messy ponytail with face-framing wisps makes effortless look stunning. It pairs perfectly with a middle parting or bold bangs. Try securing strands back with a hair clip instead of an elastic for a fun twist.

Pump Up The Volume

For those not in the know, getting your messy ponytail on comes down to our favourite V-word: va-va-volume. Volume is an absolute must to create the ultimate messy ponytail, and lucky for you, it’s super easy to achieve. To create the right textured base, spritz some Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Extender dry shampoo onto unwashed hair, which has the benefit of not only keeping greasiness at bay, but also providing you with the texture you need to take your messy ponytail to new heights. This dry shampoo is the secret to securing the best voluminous ponytail.

Mile High

What happens when you combine skyscraper height with face-framing tendrils? Messy ponytail perfection is what! This look has been on the top of our unwashed hairstyles list for a while now, for good reason. Jordan chimes in with some pro pony pointers.

“It’s important that the ponytail is assembled with no brush. Just use your hands and fingers and if you have any fluffy bits, don’t smooth them out, embrace them!”

Jordan Garrett Stylist at Luke Hersheson Salons


For short hair, we gotchu girl. This messy-yet-polished ponytail is elegant and easy to do - double winning. Picture this: wayward tendrils just in front of the ears (eat your heart out, Jane Austen) with tousled texture on the scalp. Such a beautiful contradiction that pulls together for a show-stopping style.

Once the pony position is in place, don’t be afraid to dishevel it by pulling long bangs pieces out”

Jordan Garrett Stylist at Luke Hersheson Salons

Ride The Wave

Naturally wavy hair? Embrace it! This is just what this look calls for. Now’s the time to start working with your natural texture - wavy hair is perfect to pull off this messy ponytail. This look consists of body at the crown and strategically placed face-framing tresses. L'Oréal Professionnel Techni.ART Morning After Dust dry shampoo combines texture and volume for your best unwashed hairstyle yet.

If you’re rocking a 3-day streak of not washing your hair, the unwashed hairstyle, the messy ponytail is calling your name. Stock up on dry shampoo and try out one of these looks to gain some much needed extra Z’s in the morning! You’re welcome.

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