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Forget Speed Dating, Speed Hair Drying Is The Hair Trick To Save Your Precious Time

Elizabeth Hall
08 October 2019
woman drying her brunette hair

The summer season is the perfect time to put down your blow dryer and embrace being able to dry hair naturally. But if it was only so easy… more often than not, what you thought would be soft, tousled waves, turns out to be a mane full of frizzy, lifeless locks. Luckily, we caught up with Craig Taylor, creative Director at Hari’s Hairdressers to give you some guidance when it comes to speed drying your hair (depending on your hair texture), the au naturel way.

“When naturally drying or speed drying hair, the prep is crucial to providing the best finish - and product preparation is more than half the job!”

Craig Taylor Creative Director at Hari’s Salons

Scroll through to spend less time held up in your bathroom this summer and master the art of speed hair drying (sans frizz), per a seasoned pro!

back of person holding wet hair

Air Drying 2.0: The Secret To Speed Drying Hair

The beauty world has seen an influx of more natural methods as of late: natural hair colours, earth-inspired makeup palettes, and air drying hair. We’re all about embracing a trend that’s not only super convenient, but better for your strands. The man with the plan sheds some knowledge on how to get speed drying right, regardless of your texture.

“All hair types and textures require heavy blotting to remove excess moisture from the hair. Wrap the hair with a high absorbing towel (or t-shirt) while getting dressed, this will first and foremost way to cut the drying time. Take off the towel and squeeze any moisture that can be further removed, brush through the hair to remove any knots”

Craig Taylor Creative Director at Hari’s Salons

After this step, it will vary depending on your hair type. Keep reading for the speed drying hair hacks (according to your texture) that will totally transform your air drying experience!

woman drying hair in mirror

Unless you’re extremely lucky, air drying your hair is likely associated with frizzy, lifeless locks. Until today! Craig shares his top tips and tricks on speed drying your way to bouncy, lustrous locks - no matter your hair type. Bye, bye frizz.

Naturally Straight Hair

“After the steps above are completed, rough dry with a hair dryer upside down and to each side making sure to dry the roots of the hair as this is often the last area of hair to get dry, hair ideally should be 70% dry. Apply your desired products, on straight or wavy hair, a mousse like L’Oréal Professionnel TECNI.ART Full Volume Extra or a styling lotion like L’Oréal Professionnel TECNI.ART Liss Control Cream are good prep products to give weight, hold and control. Brush through the product so that it is evenly distributed. Repeat the drying process of drying underneath and root area of the hair. This can be done roughly by blasting the hair, using fingers or a paddle or bristle brush to give more smoothness. The last area to be dried should be the very top and front sections. Put a nozzle on the hairdryer at this point and work in a downward direction along the hair for a smoother finish”

Craig Taylor Creative Director at Hari’s Salons

Naturally Wavy/Frizz-Prone Hair

“Repeat the prep process at the top. Using a diffuser on the hairdryer, again go through the process of drying the root and underneath mid-lengths of hair, this is to cut drying time and to stop the diluting of hair products. Only dry the hair to between 30-40%. If wavy or frizz prone hair gets too dry it will get past the point of being controlled with products and won’t be able to be managed. These hair types benefit from not being 100% dried and not being overly disturbed by being touched during the drying process!”

Craig Taylor Creative Director at Hari’s Salons

brunette woman drying hair in bathroom
“At this point apply the appropriate products, a serum like L’Oréal Professionnel TECNI.ART Liss Control Plus works well. Further dry the hair upside down and to each side with the diffuser - try to avoid disturbing the movement in the hair to keep it formed in its wave and to prevent separation creating frizz. Dry the hair to about 80%, leave the very top and front section till last, you may want to use your fingers to twist and direct the hairdryer to get the movement in the front and top how you like it. The hair may require a little further finishing product to add polish and definition. You may want to run your fingers underneath the hair, to lift the roots and gently loosen waves, creating body and volume”

Craig Taylor Creative Director at Hari’s Salons

Naturally Curly Hair

“This hair type needs the least effort, but the most care. Repeat the steps at the top and the process with the wavy hair. Apply the appropriate products, serums, frizz control mousse, curl creams, even a little conditioner added and left in evenly distributed evenly through the hair will help the give a better finished result. Further dry the hair upside down and to each side very gently with the diffuser, try to avoid disturbing the movement in the hair to keep it formed in its curl and to prevent separation creating frizz. Dry all of the hair to about 70% and leave any dampness to dry naturally. Avoid touching the hair too much. Using a finishing product like L’Oréal Professionnel TECNI.ART Ring Light for shine and definition when the hair is 100% dry, this will help keep the hair looking good all day"

Craig Taylor Creative Director at Hari’s Salons

Follow this guide to speed drying for #hairgoals without trying!


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