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Get That 00's Look: Born In The Naughties Hairstyles

Elizabeth Hall
20 June 2019
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The 2000’s hairstyles strongly reflected the future, in an almost emphasised fashion. Perhaps it was because we were celebrating a new millenia safe from Y2K, or we just felt futuristic. Highlights gleamed whilst bangs were flat ironed down (if you didn’t have a hair straightener, where were you?). The “most popular” girl in school was our main source of hair inspo for 00s hair... and some of us succumbed to the societal pressure of having our hair on fleek (poker straight with chunky highlights). Luckily for us, individuality is now trending and we have the freedom to do whatever we want with our hair - so why not indulge with this ‘lil blast from the past with 00s hair? Here, we cover the retro hairstyles that we were all dying to recreate in the privacy of our bathrooms, without being judged. Cheers to an era dominated by boy bands, lower-back tattoos, and blindly following the best (and worst) beauty trends of the time. Get your boots on, we’re taking you for a walk down memory lane!

We’re Bringing Sexy Back With The Hottest 2000’s Hairstyles

Ah, the millennium...a simpler time when trucker hats were all the rage, matching denim was everything, and the emo subculture was a lifestyle. We’re taking the best from the worst of retro hairstyles with this list of 00s hair that will make even your school’s former queen bee jealous.

Retro Hairstyles Look #1: The Rachel Cut AKA Lots ‘O Layers

Friends wasn’t just a TV show, it was a part of 2000s culture and Rachel Green was style goals, especially when it came to her retro hairstyles. Everyone was running to their stylist asking for what has officially been coined “The Rachel Cut”. If you didn’t jump on this 00s hair trend, now’s your chance, it’s never too late to channel your inner-Rachel Green. This cut was defined by its choppy layers from crown to end, complete with visible blonde highlights.

How to get this 00s hair look: to take this look to present day, ask your stylist to keep it a few inches longer than the O.G. Rachel crop (a few inches below shoulders). The shorter version, whilst beautifully nostalgic, seems a bit outdated in the modern world. The second thing you can do to modernise these retro hairstyles: opt out of the loose, face-framing tendrils or have them cut in much lower, below your chin.

Retro Hairstyles Look #2: The Poker Straight ‘Do

If you didn’t spend hours in front of the mirror battling unruly curls with your flat iron, were you even around for this decade? This look was probably the most popular when it came to 2000’s hairstyles, every cool girl had straight-as-a-pin hair. The funny thing is, poker straight hair never truly went away (cough - glass hair - cough). The main difference between then and now? We’re taking better care of our locks with thermal protectants before reaching for the straighteners - our hair is happier thanks to modern products!

How to get this 00s hair look: the updated version of this look has a lot less frizz, thanks to products like L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Liss Control. Use this product on damp, towel-dried hair for the smooth, frizz-free poker straight hair of your 2000s dreams. If you’re after the sleekest straight hair out there, invest in L’Oréal Professionnel Steampod. Its modern technology will kick your old straightener to the curb; it uses blasts of steam to seal the hair follicle for a mirror-like shine.

woman with naughties long blond sleek hairstyle and sunglasses

Retro Hairstyles Look #3: The Mile-High Ponytail ft. Baby Hair

Instagram is the place we see trends boomerang, this is where we see retro hairstyles are coming back! Today’s cool girls have taken a page of inspiration from the unofficial book of 2000’s hairstyles and we couldn’t be more pleased. This look awakens the TV-watching, lip gloss-wearing millennial in all of us. What does one of our favourite 00s hair dos consist of? Wearing hair in a high, tight ponytail and styling baby hair (with gel) onto the forehead - bonus is you were wearing ridiculously large hoop earrings.

How to get this 00s hair look: the good news is, this look is for everyone (as long as you can pull hair into a ponytail). To start, use a wet comb to brush hair back into a high ponytail. Be sure to brush hair so there’s no bumps before securing with an elastic. Then, pull out a few baby hairs and style them to your forehead with a bit of gel - you can create S-shaped patterns for the ultimate retro look. Finish by spritzing some L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Ring Light onto finished look for gloss and shine that is divine!

Retro Hairstyles Look #4: The Heavenly Highlights

We couldn’t exclude this look from our list, it just screams 00s hair. Long before trends like balayage or babylights existed, we were all about those chunky highlights. Luckily, the hairstyling world evolved, like all trends do. We wouldn’t advise going for the chunky look of the 2000’s, but as we said, highlights have gone through a big evolution to become the natural-looking streaks on sunshine they are today. Highlights are still hot, the way we apply them is just a bit different (thankfully!).

How to get this 00s hair look: instead of foiling big chunks of hair for very obvious highlights, ask your stylist to put in face-framing highlights, or even babylights. To care for your updated ‘lights, use the L’Oréal Professionnel Blondifier range for a healthier, brass-free blonde!

Put your thing down, flip it and reverse it with these retro hairstyles of the millennia - that’s hot!

Want to try one of these retro hairstyles? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a hair expert near you.

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