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Get That 50's Look: Retro Hairstyles From The 1950's

Elizabeth Hall
02 May 2019
women with 50s hairstyles

Like wine, retro hairstyles only get better with age. The pin-up girl era was a packed with poodle hair (yes, it’s a thing) and loads of vintage-romantic curls, the decade is basically a melting pot for inspiration - you dig? We do! Which is why we’ve whipped up these 4 gorgeous 1950s hairstyles to add some polish to your modern style by way of an elegant ‘do. Inspired by the silver screen stars of the past, these looks will be jolly-good success whether you’re heading to a vintage-themed party or going to crush a Monday morning in the office. Hang tight, it’s time to bring back the golden age with 50s hair inspired by your grandmother’s wedding photo (ft. a very glamorous, vintage updo). The fabulous 50s hair have never looked better, and that’s the word from the bird!


The 8 Best 1950s Hairstyles to Razz Your Berries!


Ready to have perfectly coiffed 50s hair that is the epitome of the cat’s pajamas? Here, we serve you with 4 retro hairstyles that are totally wearable in the modern day - the baby boom era is back with, well - a boom! Check out the list below to rock the sultriest locks of your retro dreams! 


Look #1: The Classic Quiff


Looking for some good ol’ fashioned volume? The classic quiff checks off all our 50s hair retro-glam boxes! This look is one of the most iconic styles in hair history (and it has every right to be). The quiff can be worked on both long and short hair… the trick to styling this ‘do? Hairspray (a lot of it): our go-to? L’Oréal Professionnel Infinium Hairspray offers high fixation whilst abandoning the dreaded crunchy-texture often left behind by ordinary hairsprays. Not only will this look require a generous dose of the good stuff (hairspray), but you can even use the can itself to shape your retroliciousquiff - so vintage… and practical! If you fancy a more voluminous take, we recommend using L’Oréal Professionnel Rebel Push Up Mousse to take your ‘do to the next level - apply with a comb at the roots for an extra bit of volume.


Look #2: Pin Up Girl Curls


When you think of 1950s hairstyles and retro hairstyles, pin up girls are sure to come to mind. The red lipstick, risqué clothing, and of course, perfectly polished, pinned up curls. What. A. Look. To recreate this 50s hair look from home you will need bobby pins, hairspray (see a theme here?), and a curling iron. Start by curling hair in one to two inch sections towards the face. Next, roll the curled portions around your fingers and clip into place with a bobby pin. Then, with our pro-approved hairspray L’Oréal Professionnel Infinium Hairspray spritz liberally throughout hair, let cool and set. Add a cute hair clip or accessory to make the look more formal and flirty. 


Look #3: Rockabilly Headscarf


Inspired by “Rosie the Riveter”, this classic ‘do embodies girl-power in the perfect paradox of  femininity and masculinity. The rockabilly look ft. a headscarf is culturally iconic and just the bee’s knees! Ready to make the working girl look more glamorous than ever? As with any truly classic look, there are heaps of renditions and adaptations - the only constant is the use of a head scarf. Start by taking a section at the front, this will be your bangs; pin it down with a large clip. Then, curl hair in large sections and pin down with bobby pins. Next, curl your faux bangs (if you already have bangs then skip this step) with a curling iron and use bobby pins to secure it. Push your bangs to the side and break out your trusty hair spray to set your faux fringe in place. Finally, add your head scarf for an ensemble that says, “tell me about it, stud”.

woman with long curly red 50s hair

Retro Hairstyles Look #4: The Vixen


Whilst vintage, this look is equal parts modern… we can thank Hollywood for keeping this one relevant - gracias! Essentially the retro version of today’s big bouncy blow dry, this look works best (but isn’t limited to) those with mid-length hair. That’s because the longer the hair, the more difficult it is to make your curls hold so shoulder-length locks are optimum for this style. The vixen hairstyle adds a sophistication to any outfit you choose, making you the coolest cat on the block! For this 1950s hairstyles, we recommend popping to the salon to get the vintage blow dry of your dreams. If you’re keen to try at home, be armed with L’Oréal Professionnel Rebel Push Up Mousse as your product ally in achieving pro-results from home. The trickiest part of this look is creating the 50s hair curve in the right place, ask your stylist for some pro tips, they know best!

Retro Hairstyles Look #5: Le French Twist


We’re not the only ones inspired by the classic 50s hair French twist - one look at this year’s movie awards and we see a very popular theme: Old Hollywood. The Red Carpet never disappoints... this year, the biggest stars played with hairstyles of our favourite golden era and we’re swooning! This look requires a lot of, you guessed it - hairspray! To get the ideal texture for this style, try a styling powder for a more workable texture: L’Oréal Professionnel Rebel Push Up Mousse.


Take the fabulous 50s hair  into the future with these retro hairstyles!

Interested in trying out 1950’s hairstyles? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a hair expert near you.

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