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Get That 60's Look: Beehives, Flicks And 1960s Hair Tricks

Elizabeth Hall
03 May 2019
women with long brunette 60s hairstyles

The ‘60s brought us a great deal: incredible music, massive social change, hippie culture, and last but not least retro hairstyles such asbig hair. When it came to 1960’s hairstyles, the bigger, the better. You simply can’t imagine a go-go girl without her signature bouffant. The flower power ethos that dominated this era left behind a very memorable mark in the hairstyling world… we started to see the more polished retro hairstyles take a more eccentric twist, just as the world itself was changing. The free-spirited vibe of the Sixties finally gave women free reign with their hair, and luckily for us, a wealth of rad retro hairstyles inspiration. One thing that remained from the ‘50s, brought into 60s hair? Hairspray! As the world was becoming more liberal, so were the ladies with their hairspray (because that beehive won’t support itself). We’re still seeing the sway of 60s hair in today’s culture and we think it’s pure righteous! Ready, set, backcomb! 


The Swinging Sixties: The Raddest Retro Hairstyles


When it comes to retro hairstyles and beauty, the 60s is undeniably a treasure trove of vintage-vibed inspiration. From the feminine feline-flicked eyeliner to thigh high boots, the Swinging Sixties provided us with some of the most iconic styles of the past. The decade also saw some of the most exciting and innovative retro hairstyles. We’ve opened up the 60s hair time capsule to provide you with the hottest, most free-spirited retro hairstyles that say, “peace, love and a whole lot of hairspray!”. Check out our far outfaves below that, luckily for you, aren’t far from reach! 


Look #1: The Bodacious Beehive


Ah, the beehive, one of the most identifiable and significant hairstyles of the 20th century. We like to think of this as the O.G. of “lazy girl” hairstyles. This 60s hair consists of a lot of backcombing, hairspray, and massive height that lends the illusion of a beehive. The romantic, lower-volume styles (like soft waves) of the Fifties evolved into towering heights worn by millions of women. Our obsession with voluminous 60s hair has clearly always been a thing, no shame in that. 


How to get this look: to get your hive started, tie hair into a high ponytail. Then, roll the newly formed ponytail into a bun (under hair, not over). Next, use bobby pins to secure your bun in place. Neaten your ‘do with more bobby pins and hairspray around the sides. One of our favourites is Redken Triple Take 32, it offers high hold without the crunch whilst leaving hair residue-free. Now you will want to neaten the bump on top by gently combing down any flyaway hairs. Tease the hair underneath your bump for more volume and finish by setting the style with a generous amount of hairspray. 


Look #2: The Flirty Flick


The flick (AKA the hair flip) had women flipping out everywhere. Like the beehive, the flick is another iconic relic of 60s hair. Fun, flirty, and feminine, these retro hairstyles are harnessing all those groovy go-go girl vibes… and we’re digging it, baby, yeah! Thanks to tons of teasing, hairspray, and hair rollers, the flick lives on!


How to get this look: after washing hair, work styling mousse throughout hair - we’re crazy about Redken Full Effect 04, an all-over nourishing mousse that doesn’t leave hair sticky (hair hallelujah for today’s products). Then, blow dry hair until almost dry and divide hair into sections. Using a round brush, roll the ends of the sections around the brush whilst blow drying. Before unrolling the hair from the brush, give hair a blast of cold air. Finally, lock in your flipped out ends with hairspray. Oh-so-chic! 

black and white image of woman with 60s hairstyle

Look #3: Cheeky Chignon


It may be a blast from the past, but the chignon hasn’t gone out of style one bit. In fact, even though it is taken from 60s hair, it’s still one of the most worn hairstyles for brides! Chignon is a French word meaning, “nape of the neck”, because your chignon should look like a polished low-hanging bun just behind the neck. This retrolicious look has withstood the test of time for all the right reasons: it’s just so, chic

How to get this look: before beginning your chignon, just note that this retro ‘do works best on hair that was washed the evening before. Start by combing hair back into a ponytail. Backcomb the roots to give your chignon its 60s hair signature bump. Next, pull a thin scrunchy around the end of the ponytail and tuck the end under to make a little bun. Then, you will pin the bun close to your head with bobby pins (slightly pull the created bun apart). Use pins to hold flyaway hairs in place and finish with a good spritz of hairspray!


Look #4: Half-Up Bardot Bouffant 


The popularised bouffant is as much as a symbol of the 60s hair as the woman who made it famous. The disheveled, “I just woke up this, but not really”, style is sexy and flirty and everything we love about the grooviest decade.

How to get his look: Start by parting your hair into a deep side part, starting at the arch of your left eyebrow. Then, you will tease hair using a comb starting at the crown. Smooth out the backcombing you did with a softer brush (be gentle!) into a perfectly coiffed bouffant. Next, pin back your bouffant with bobby pins. To finish, set with our go-to, pro-approved hairspray -  Redken Triple Take 32.


Look #5: Wispy Birkin Bangs


If you’ve ever had the urge to cut bangs, skip that phase of hesitation, bangs are back (although they’ve never gone anywhere). When we think of 60s hair, we can’t help but conjure an image of a hippie with long, straight hair and the raddestwispy fringe. Hello, hair goals! The uniform flower child look (long, straight hair with not much movement) got a makeover with the simple addition of a feathered fringe. This ‘do is the ultimate lust-worthy French cool-girl aesthetic. 

How to get this look: Minimal styling is required to achieve this 60s hair look, that’s the beauty of it! Those who have had bangs in the past do know that fringes tend to get greasy, fast. To combat the grease god, use Redken Powder Grip at your roots for the perfect matte finish. Use a bit at roots and backcomb for a truly righteous look!

Unleash your inner-flower power with these retro hairstyles - yeah baby, yeah


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