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Get That 70's Look: Perfect The 1970's Hairstyles

Elizabeth Hall
04 May 2019
women with long brunette 70s hairstyles and glasses

As they say, “what’s old is new again”... this rings true for 1970’s hairstyles. This era left a lingering influence on today’s fashion, and we couldn’t be happier (think: disco ‘fro). The 70's hair trends can be grouped into four categories: hippie straight, punk, sex bomb, and disco. All of which we would be happily rock…#FlashBackFriday, anyone? If you’re clinging to your mum’s Year 12 photo (or perhaps yours!) wondering how to get a 70's hair foxy ‘fro or fierce feathered flip, you’ve landed on the right page. Hop on this metaphorical hippie bus, we’re taking you for a trip to Boogie Town with the raddest retro hairstyles of the era! Disco fever in 3, 2, 1…

The Hottest 1970’s Hairstyles We Can Dig

Regardless of your style - rock n’ roll or disco diva - 70’s hair has you covered in the inspiration department. Some of the most popular looks as of late are derived from this psychedelic era (think foxy fro’ and the shag). It’s time to step into a time machine and check out our favourite looks from one of the grooviest decades!

Look #1: The Shagalicious Shag

The shag was one of the most memorable retro hairstyles of 70's hair. Stylists everywhere have seen this old-school ‘do becoming one of the most requested cuts in the modern world (with an updated twist, of course). We’re all for the face-framing wonders this hairstyle offers whilst maintaining a bit of the past. This 70s hair look consists of multiple rows of choppy, asymmetrical layers and face-framing bangs - although you can choose a style without!

How to get this look: The best way to get this groovy 70's hair ‘do is to take a picture to your stylist. The complexity of the layers is best left up to a pro… if you’ve ever tried to impulsively cut layers into your hair, then you know what we’re talking about! After you’ve got the shag cut of your dreams, styling is a breeze (thank you, low maintenance cuts). Just spray a bit of Pureology Beach Wave Sugar Spray onto damp hair and scrunch away for effortless beach waves! We love this spray because unlike other beach wave sprays, it doesn’t fade your colour or leave hair feeling dry.

Look #2: The Punk Buzzcut

As an ode to all the true punks, we present to you, the 70's hair buzz cut. The most rock n’ roll retro hairstyles and empowering cuts of all time. The buzz cut had its moment in the 19070's hairstyles but it’s making a roaring comeback in the modern world. What says confidence more than having nothing to hide behind? In addition to being a huge power move, this barely-there 70's hair ‘do also gives you a fresh start, literally. Imagine seeing your natural hair, unaltered, for the first time in years. Rock n’ roll, baby!

How to get this look: If styling your hair took time out of your day, you’ve just been rewarded with the gift of time because this look requires zero time in front of the mirror, winning! If you want to make your look even more punk, or mix it up, the L’Oréal Professionnel Chromative range offers loads of vibrant wash-out colours to test and try. Pink on Tuesday, silver by Friday - the world is your hair colouring oyster!

Look #3: The Foxy Fro’

The Seventies brought us a lot of retro hairstyles to be thankful for, one being the afro. Since this decade, the afro has been a symbol of resilience and pride in black culture. The foxy ‘fro can be adorned with accessories or left on its own and still have that ultra-cool effect. If you’ve been blessed with a natural texture, it’s time to embrace your roots (literally) with one of the top 1970’s hairstyles. Let’s take your fro’ into the future with the help of your trusted stylist!

woman with 70s afro hairstyle

How to get this look: V-v-volume and lots of it! The key to rocking this foxy 70's hair? Moisturising products to keep hair soft! We love Biolage RAW Nourishing Shampoo followed by Biolage RAW Nourishing Conditioner. This dream combo is derived from mostly natural ingredients and feeds your fro’ the goodies it needs to look its most fierce! Pro tip: use your fingers instead of a comb to brush through hair to keep your afro hair from becoming tangled.

Look #4: The Festival Chic

Long before social media, the flower crown was one of the most popular retro hairstyles. Picture this: long, dishevelled locks featuring a fab hair accessory… that is what we call festival chic! Music festivals were not only a fun past-time, but a vital part of 70’s culture. Hopping onto hippie buses whilst embodying the peace and love vibes was life. Luckily for you, this 70's hair has been integrated into today’s festival culture for a not-so-long-ago throwback worth posting on the ‘gram.

How to get this look: to channel your inner-festival chic, the key is get messy (but not too messy). Start by putting a bit of Biolage RAW Styling Curl Jelly onto damp hair (focusing on the roots and ends) and blow dry. This product gives your hair natural looking body and softness, hello perfect boho vibes! Part your hair down the middle for that 70's hair look. Romanticise the ‘do by adding tiny braids throughout your hair and finish with a fun accessory or statement earrings.

Whether you’ve got disco fever or rock n’ roll frenzy, this decade has you covered for your retro hairstyles (and so do we!).

Want to get one of these seventies looks? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a hair expert near you.

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