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Get That 80s Look: Rock These 1980's Hairstyles

Elizabeth Hall
24 June 2019
woman with brunette perm hairstyle and red liptstick

Who would have thought that nearly 40 years later we would be peeking into the past with nostalgic reverence, especially when it comes to 1980’s hairstyles. Ah, the 80's hair, perms and crimped bangs! This era was definitely one to leave a lasting impression on today’s trends: accessorising with a colourful bandana, the asymmetric cut, and short, sassy crops... just to name a few. Although some trends were destined to be left behind (mile-high side ponytail), the ones on our list have withstood the test of time! If you want a bangin’ big hairstyle to match your colourful jumpsuit (another relic of the ‘80s that’s trending), then keep on reading - we’ve got a retro hairstyles plan and it’s filled with glam!

The Totally Wicked 1980’s Hairstyles You Need In Your Life

If you’re a fan of vintage style, the ‘80s serve as a major source of inspiration - it was all about that retro hairstyles and glam! If you’re not keen on rocking neon-coloured leggings complete with oversized, bedazzled sweaters, you need to try one of these retro hairstyles instead! We’ve taken the most retro hairstyles iconic classics and updated them with a modern 80's hair twist, tubular!

Retro Hairstyles Look #1: The Magnificent Mullet

One look at the runways and we can clearly see that 1980’s hairstyles haven’t gone anywhere, especially the mullet. The bold, dramatic cut favoured by rugby players in the ‘80's has been given a rebrand, and we’re (surprisingly) for it! This 80s hair look won’t require actually cutting your locks into a mullet, it’s a faux-out! Sport your faux mullet at a throwback party or on a night out as a seamless conversation starter. Now that you’re ready for business in the front and a party in the back, let’s get stylin’!

How to get this 80s hair look: To get started, have hair gel on hand - the pros recommend using L’Oréal Professionnel Extreme Splash styling gel. It offers a strong hold and shiny finish, perfect for your faux mullet! Wet a comb and brush hair back from the temple, stopping at the base of the back of your head. Next, apply a handful of styling gel (refer to above) on the damp portion of your hair. Use bobby pins to pin down flyaways or give your look more volume. Boom, blast from the past made chic!

Retro Hairstyles Look #2: The Head Banger

If you wanna rock n’ roll all night and party every day (or at least look like you do), you’ve found your 80s hair match. These retro hairstyles are not for the weak-hearted… but you won’t have to cake on the eyeliner, we promise. In the decade of extremes, the head banger look is certainly no exception; jeans were tighter, hair was bigger, and MTV was where we turned for inspiration. Put on a wicked record and grab your bandana, this look is sure to leave a bangin’ impression at a festival or on a night out!

How to get this 80's hair look: The key to achieving this look is volume, and a lot of it. We love Kérastase Volume in Powder for volume that doesn’t quit and an incredible grip (useful for adding your bandana!). Spray this product 10-12 inches from dry or damp hair and work throughout lengths with fingers for instant body. With your “undone” base in place, choose a colourful bandana to finish your look. Tip: use bobby pins to keep your bandana in place for more headbanging potential!

woman with styled blonde 80's hair and eye shadow

Retro Hairstyles Look #3: The Asymmetrical Angel

The Eighties retro hairstyles just wouldn’t be the same without big, teased and tamed hair… like all hair from this decade, the asymmetrical bob definitely had this trifecta going for it. Fast forward to the present, whilst we love the quirkiness of 1980’s hairstyles, we think it’s time to take this look into the future. The asymmetrical crop is universally flattering and works on nearly every hair texture, double win! With no layers around the face, this cut has a slimming effect on the face due to the deep part.

How to get this 80's hair look: you’ll want to put the scissors down and leave this one up to the pros. Bring in your favourite 80s-inspired photo of this edgy cut and let the experts do what they do best! Styling, however, is in your hands. Unlike the spiked, teased version of the 80's hair, today’s version is much more wearable and soft. Start by blow drying hair straight to remove bumps or bends in the hair - protect locks with the award-winning Kérastase L’Incroyable Blowdry cream for thermo protection up to 230 C. Finish by running a flat iron over hair so the ends look sharp and clean!

Retro Hairstyles Look #4: Volume Glam

Glam rock was definitely a staple of ‘80s culture, we just couldn’t leave this style out! This was a time when rock was big, but face makeup and hair were bigger. Opulent, over-the-top, and unapologetic retro hairstyles: that was the 80s hair in a nutshell. When it comes to 1980’s hairstyles, this larger-than-life look was what all the cool kids were wearing (seriously, just ask your mum).

How to get this 80s hair look: The modern day rendition has been tweaked to fit today’s society, but it doesn’t lack in volume! To get IG-worthy volume you must try Kérastase Bain Volumifique shampoo followed by Kérastase Gelée Volumifique treatment. This range will give you voluminous locks 24/7 whilst leaving hair feeling soft and light. Next, apply some mousse to damp locks and gently scrunch hair while blow drying. You’re left with #BigHairDontCare handle-worthy tresses!

These retro hairstyles are proof that the most decadent decade is back in full-effect, gnarly!

Want to get that eighties look? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a hair expert near you.

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