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Get That 90's Look: The Coolest 1990's Hairstyles

Elizabeth Hall
05 May 2019
women with 90s hair styles

If you’re looking to up your retro hairstyles game, the ‘90s are all that and a bag of chips. During this decade we saw a lot of... err, interesting trends: eyebrows were drawn on with sharpies, blue eyeshadow was overloaded onto lids, and glitter was on just about everything. Despite the cringeworthy beauty trends, 1990’s hairstyles did not disappoint us. In fact, a scroll through Instagram proves that all the greatest retro hairstyles from this era are doing a boomerang and blowing up right in our faces, and we’re not even mad! The minimalist hipster in you will be more than pleased with the cute accessory aesthetic that the 90s hair left behind. It’s your lucky day, we’ve done all the hard work and compiled the hottest 90s hair trends here, with a modern update. As if we wouldn’t share - scroll through our 1990’s hairstyles to unleash some major middle school nostalgia!

The 1990’s Hairstyles That You’d Be Bugg’n Not To Try

As any millennial will tell you, the ‘90s were the best decade (any self-respecting millennial, at least). Instead of frosted lips and tips, try out one of these 1990’s hairstyles to help keep the best of the era alive!

Look #1: The School Bun

Every 90’s baby knows this staple 90s hair. Updos can look stiff and at times, just too polished. The school bun consists of a bun at the back of the head and two loose face-framing tendrils at the front, what a look (and a trip down memory lane). When it came to 1990’s hairstyles, these retro hairstyles was the epitome of cool. The best part? This look allows us to seamlessly skip a shampoo day - the greasier the hair, the better the hold. Time to let your two tendrils down!

How to get this 90s hair look: the beauty of this look is that it’s pretty effortless (hence why it’s called the school bun). Brush your hair back into a bun, or use fingers for a messier look, and tie with an elastic. If you have thicker hair, use bobby pins to help support your bun and pin down any loose hair. Next, pull out two tendrils from the front to frame your face. Use Matrix Smooth Setter (pro favourite) to smooth down frizz whilst delivering a satin finish that doesn’t weigh down hair. It’s hella cool, whatever.

Look #2: The Accessory Aesthetic

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of 90s hair is the accessories: the velvet scrunchies, butterfly clips, and headbands are all a part of the great aesthetic that is the ‘90s. As of late, we’ve been seeing a surge of 90s-inspired accessory trends on the runway (claw clip, anyone?). The difference between then and now, today we let the accessories do the talking… goodbye porcupine updos ft. glitter clips. When rocking a trendy accessory from the Nineties, the updated trick is to keep hair smooth and subtle.

woman with beret and hair clips 90s hair style
How to get this look: this style looks its best with a nice, smooth base. To get the ideal texture, squeeze a dab of Matrix Smooth Setter onto damp hair and blow dry smooth. If you’re after looking for something more formal, you can use a curling iron and opt for loose waves. Then, choose your favourite 90s hair accessory. If you’re all about that scrunchie look, throw hair into a half-up pony and secure with your most regal, velvet scrunchie.

Look #3: The Beret Beau

In the 1990’s, you didn’t have to visit Paris to see the 90s hair beret everywhere, and we mean everywhere. Recently brought back into the fashion world circulation, the beret is a timeless piece. Minimal, French beauty is always something to aspire for… but when paired with this relic of the past, the nostalgia is real. If you’re keen on making a fashionable blast from the past, this is these iconic retro hairstyles look for you.

How to get this look: the most important aspect of nailing this 90s hair look lies in having poker-straight hair - blunt ends are a bonus! Start by misting our go-to thermal protectant spray, Matrix Heat Buffer onto damp hair for heat protection up to 232C. This product is vital in maintaining the integrity of your locks when using styling tools, plus it offers a smooth and shiny finish! Let hair air dry about half way, then blow dry straight. If you want a truly uniform-straight style, then run a hair straightener over tresses. Add your beret and voilà - oh-so-chic!

Look #4: The ‘90s Supermodel Crop

This decade made short 90s hair sexy, and the androgynous supermodel crop was where it was at. The look was popularised by the hottest supermodels of the ‘90s and it quickly caught on like wildfire. You didn’t need to be a top model to pull this iconic look off, just a little bit of confidence. Unlike the version of the ‘90s retro hairstyles (super choppy, highlighted with streaks, and even spikey), the modern rendition is much more wearable - thankfully!

How to get this look: we would never advise you to make the move to Chop City all by yourself. The best way to get this ‘do is to schedule an appointment with your trusty stylist. Just be sure to bring in a photo of your favourite supermodel sassy cut and leave it to the pros for that 90s hair look!

Look #5: Far Out Space Buns

A lot of the 90s hair culture was influenced by the fact that the world was about to enter a new millennia. Enter: space buns - the guilty pleasure 90s hair that everyone tried at least once (don’t say you didn’t!). Space buns have been one of the boomerang trends we mentioned earlier, an iconic retro hairstyles, they keep on comin’ back! We get why… they’re fun, flirty, and a trendy way to keep your hair out of your face whilst dancing - why they’re such a festival favourite.

How to get this look: Start by parting hair down the middle using a comb. Tie the separated sections into pigtails (should have one on each side). Then twist your hair into little buns and secure with an elastic. Use bobby pins to give your space buns extra support. You can pull out some face-framing tendrils for that truly ‘90s look.

If you thought the ‘90s were long gone we have two words for you: as if!

Interested in getting those retro hairstyles? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a hair expert near you.

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