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Getting Wavy: How To Make Your Hair Wavy

30 August 2018
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Wavy Hair: Prep Stations

Preparation is everything when it comes to owning wavy hair, just a little bit of time and the right product before you reach for the heated tools will make all of the difference. How so? Well, not only will it help your hair get into the right kind of wave formation, but the use of a prep product also gives you hair a bit of grip. This means it will stay in that aforementioned wave for longer, no matter what you get up to day or night as you happily show off your wonder waves. So you can simply mist and comb through a little hairspray before getting started, or take a more targeted approach.


Prep Product Hot-List For Wavy Hair 

1. If mermaid-like wavy hair is your order of the day, and ideal for first time or beginner waves in case you were interested, then reach for Redken Beach Envy Volume Wave Aid. Spritz this mineral rich prep spray through the mid-lengths to the ends of your locks, then get scrunching. All very 80s we know but this motion mixed with this mermaid-worthy product starts getting the strands into wavy hair shape. You can air dry with this one and allow your natural wave to form - if you’re so lucky as to have that cute curl already going on - or you can blow dry and then jump onto the tool step.

2. More of a glam wavy hair fan? Then opt for L’Oreal Professionnel Hair Mousse Spiral Queen Hollywood Waves By Tecni.ART when it comes to your prep steps. This mousse will work on hair that needs to be told how to be wavy or enhance already in place waves. Non-crispy and full of super-holding-power, work a little into the palm of your hand, then use a brush to pick it up and apply to the hair. This is what all the pros do to make sure every strand gets in on the mousse action.


Wavy Hair: Curl Power

STEP 1: Time to heat things up, with your prep in place, you can blow dry your hair; rough drying it until it’s about 90% dry, then finishing with a round brush and a smoother approach through to the very end. Once tresses are completely dry you can convert them to wavy hair.

STEP 2: Using a tong (the tools with little clips on) or a wand (the non-clip variety) work around your head in two-inch wide sections. Start at the base of your hair with the first layer of sections, clipping the rest out of the way as you do so, so you can see what you’re doing and there are no tangles.

STEP 3: Once each layer is done, mist lightly with hair spray for added hold, then take on the following layer, working your way all the way up to the crown.

TIP:  As you wind each section around your chosen tool, leave the very ends and the very roots out – this means your wavy hair will have a modern finish and not look too ‘done’.

Girl with short wavy brown hair

Wavy Hair: Cool Down

As soon as you have finished all your heated hard work, don’t rush to run your fingers through your newly acquired or enhanced wavy hair. Giving locks time to cool down is absolutely key. Why? Well a little tress science lesson for you here…you need to heat the hair up to get it to bend into waves, locks then need to cool so the look sets. Touch it while it’s still hot, or even warm, and you will change the shape again, running the risk of knocking out all of your wonder waves quicker than you can say curling tongs. Cooling time takes around five minutes, but you can speed this up; if your hair dryer has a cool setting gently work the dryer around you head without touching the strands.

Wavy Hair: Finishing Touches

For your final trick use a finishing product to seal the wavy hair deal. If you’re keeping things beachy, mist over to Kérastase Eau De Vagues. It is 99% natural, using sugars instead of alcohol or salt to give your waves texture. It also makes a good heat protectant spray, shielding strands to temperatures up to 230 degrees, so you can use it in prep stations too if you like.

After something sleeker? Treat tresses to L’Oreal Professionnel Styling Gel Waves Fatales Hollywood Waves By Tecni.ART instead. Work a pea-sized amount into the palms of your hands, then use them to smooth all over the hair, distributing product as you go and completing the look.

And there you have it. Wavy hair for everyone, with your own personal style tweaks thrown in for look good measure. See you and your waves on a street or scrolling feed super soon!

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