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Heatless Styling for Hair Is Hotter Than Ever

Elizabeth Hall
22 October 2018
woman with long flowing brunette hair

The long-term relationship we have with our heat tools is overdue for a break. We aren’t breaking up, just taking some space. Heatless hair is not only naturally stunning, but it improves the integrity of your hair. Most of us picked up our first hair straightener a long time ago and can’t really recall when we last put it down for an extended period of time. The time is now, and with your best hair interests at heart, we will guide you through it.

Why People Are Hopping On the Heatless Hair Wagon

Picture this: luscious, virgin hair that has never been touched by a heat tool. You’re able to glide your fingers through it with ease and can’t stop stealing glimpses of the impenetrable shine that rests on your head. Okay, so we may not ever have virgin hair again, but by indulging in heat-free hair styling we can bring our mane back to its glory days. Here are a few reasons you should join the heatless hair movement.

Avoid The Damage

You’ve surely seen what looks like smoke coming from your hair when you style it with heat tools. But guess what? It isn’t smoke, it’s steam. You are witnessing in real-time as the moisture is being robbed from your hair - how tragic. When you style your hair with heat tools, you disrupt hair bonds to reshape the fibre. Once cooled, the bonds reform in their new position. After an extended period of time, the hair can become so damaged, hence frizz and split ends are born. Abstaining from the heat tools for a while gives your strands the time to recuperate and have a rest.

Save On Time

Try and calculate the hours spent styling your hair. While we don’t deny that bouncy blow dries and loose waves may feel like they’re worth the time once you witness the perfectly-coiffed result, you may reflect on this puzzle to find that your answer is quite unfathomable. We are right there with you. It’s time to embrace heat-free hair because in the end,  time is the most valuable thing we have under our belts, and it might be nice to put the extra half an hour to good use. Get out there and change the world! (Or maybe just squeeze in a quick morning run.)

Get The Look 

Effortless, natural beauty is definitely becoming more appreciated than ever. The just-strolled-out-of-bed look is cool. Minimal, Parisian style has always been a thing and luckily for us (and our hair) it’s catching onto the rest of the world. Heat-free hairstyles are as gorgeous as ever - beach waves are a classic example. Looking like you don’t give a damn whilst turning heads left and right, success!

Heatless Hair How-To

The beauty of the heat-free hair movement is that you don’t have to compromise on professional results - don’t worry, we would never do that to you. From stunning hairstyles to miracle products, we have formulated the best methods to beat the heat. Now put that blow dryer down and back away slowly…

  • 3 minute beach waves: Heatless and effortless, win! Part your hair in two large pieces and strategically twist two buns at the nap of your neck. Twist, pin and wait for gorgeous Malibu waves in almost no time. When paired with a styling product like Redken No Blow Dry Cream, the results are enhanced and even faster. We get why this is a pro favourite!

  • Quick half-up baby top knot: This style is easy and cool, and more importantly, heat-free. The last thing you want to do when the weather is scorching hot is pick up a heat tool! The key to creating this look is all about the prep - we love Shu Uemura Art Of Hair Wonder Worker. Apply directly onto damp, towel-dried hair before you work your magic. Once the texture is in place, section your hair up from your temples up towards the crown of your head. Pull hair through a hair elastic twice, and on the third time, don’t pull it all the way through to make a cute little bun. To finish, pull loose strands in front of your ears and smooth the hair behind your ears so the bits of hair in front pop.

Going heatless may seem like a huge leap, but taking a break from the heat might just be the rehab your hair desperately needs. Stay cool - put down the tools!

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