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It’s In Our DNA: Helix Hair Braids Are Everywhere

24 January 2019
woman with helix braid hairstyle video

Hair braid obsessors across the nation rejoice, a new hair braid has boomed within the braid scene. Social media has been the helping hand we’ve craved to present us with styles we had never heard of alongside new trends we can explore. We looked into one of the newer styles that’s hit up our newsfeeds and tickled our creative taste buds. Teaming up with Matrix Artist, Nicole O’Gorman, a hair styling guru from Ireland we delve into the world of science (kind of…) as we gave the DNA braid a whirl.

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What Is A DNA Braid?

The DNA braid is a plaited hair style that twists in a fashion to give it the shape of ‘DNA’ aka the helix braid. This helix shape consists of an almost ladder-like appearance but with a twist, literally. This particular hair braid is usually spotted as a ponytail due to its need for a gathered base. Nicole loves the braid for its individuality, “this braid is different to others because you are braiding forward on one side and in reverse on the other. This is what creates the force that makes the style twist like a strand of DNA.”

What Do We Love About The Helix Hair Braid?

The DNA braid is so striking, we challenge you to wear this braid and not get compliments left, right and centre. We love it for its personality and shock factor.

“I love the DNA braid because it is so unusual. Imagine coupling this braid with a creative colour using SoColor Cult! How amazing would that look?!”

Nicole O'Gorman Colour & Styling Artist for Matrix

How Do You Get A DNA braid?

We decided to meet with Nicole so she could show us how this complex looking hair braid is done!

The ideal hair for a DNA braid is long, thick and minimal layering. The longer the layers, the longer the DNA braid will stretch” said Nicole “in order for this style to work you need a lot of length as the style uses up a lot of hair very quickly.”

Nicole O'Gorman Colour & Styling Artist for Matrix

Having hair with lots of layers means that when braided, the hair can appear fluffy as the layers poke out. A way around this would be to braid the hair whilst wet or fix hair with hairspray or paste.

How To Do A DNA Braid

Step 1 – To get started on this hair braid, pull the hair back into a ponytail “aim for a central ponytail to give a waterfall effect from the braid” advises Nicole, as she pulls back our model Michelle’s luscious long hair into a perfect pony “secure with clear elastics to not draw attention from the braid.”

Step 2 - Separating the ponytail hair into three pieces, the mid-section should be the smallest and this one won’t move throughout.

woman with long blonde hair

Step 3 – From the left section take out a piece of hair and pass it across the hair. Now, pass that same section under the small middle section, and then join it up with the right section.

Still with us? If not, revise those steps and continue when you’re ready,

Step 4 – From the outside of the right section of hair take a piece of hair and pull it over to the mid-section and add that to the left side.

Repeat these steps and the DNA braid will twist by itself, you can help to guide in along the way by gently twisting it.

“It’s all about “muscle memory” when it comes to braids. Instead of overthinking what you are doing I recommend talking out the steps out loud in a repeated sequence until it sinks in and after as few goes your hands will start to do the movements pretty much automatically. You may sometimes feel like giving up but stick with it as it will eventually click.”

Nicole O'Gorman Colour & Styling Artist for Matrix

What Products Do You Need To Create The DNA Braid?

Creating any hair braid style will require some grip and hold. We all know rule number #1 is not to braid freshly washed hair, as often the hair is too silky and will not hold the braid. So, how did Nicole create the DNA braid?

With this style I coated the hair with some Matrix Style Link Airy Builder and dried in in before starting. This took down all the fly away pieces and made each lock of hair I picked up to include in the braid more defined

Nicole O'Gorman Colour & Styling Artist for Matrix

To set the hair braid, you need a product that will prevent static hair from pointing out and holding the style together. “I always use Matrix Vavoom Shape Maker because it doesn’t clog the hair or make it greasy. To give a super sleek finish to the hair braid I used Smooth Setter Cream which can be used on wet or dry hair” recommends Nicole.

DNA Braid Tool Kit

Matrix Vavoom Shape Maker Spray

Matrix Smooth Setter Cream

Matrix Style Link Airy Builder


Interested in the DNA braid for your hair? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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