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Party Proof Short Hairstyles For Women

Elizabeth Hall
13 March 2019
woman with short blonde hair style

When it comes to shorter hairstyles, we like to stick to the mantra: the shorter, the chicer. Short hair for women has proven to be more than a “New Year, new me” trend, we’re obsessed. If you’ve found yourself in somewhat of a hairstyling rut before your big soireé, we gotchu girl! We chatted with Andrew Barton, Creative Director at Headmasters to bring you the party proof short hairstyles you’ve always needed in your life - there’s nothing worse than fussing with your ‘do on the dance floor. Scroll through to learn the best tricks of the trade for shorter hairstyles for women that will lend themselves to going all night long!

Stay Fierce With These Party Proof Short Hairstyles

Short hair for women is a statement all on its own… but if you’re keen to make an even bigger statement with your lack of locks - without lacking in the style department - try out one of these three party proof short hairstyles!

Look #1: Show Off Your Good Side

The best part of shorter hairstyles is the volume that comes with them. Our hair guru offers his advice on the shorter hairstyles matter:

“If you love your hair short and are looking for ideas to spruce up your hair for the party season, try wearing your hair with a different parting - to one side with more volume. It will transform your hair”

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We are well versed in the power of the part, but when applied to your short hairstyles, the results can transform your entire look (in the best way). Who would have thought such a subtle tweak could be so glamorous?

If you’re rocking a bob or even a lob, try your side part with a messy, deconstructed style for a boho edge. To lock in the undone look, be sure to spray a flexible-hold hairspray. L'Oréal Professionnel Infinium Hairspray helps set your hair without a crunchy texture with the added bonus of shine! This look will sultrily show off your best side whilst avoiding the pressure of having  perfectly polished shorter hairstyles. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em - take that flyaways!

Look #2: Beautifully Bedazzled

Out of all the party proof short hairstyles, this option is certainly one you can replicate from the comfort of your own home. This look is about adding an on-trend hair accessory - as they say, the devil’s in the details.

To keep it back up-to-date, add a cute hair accessory like a faux-pearl or crystal-embellished hair clip”

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By making your accessory the centerpiece of your ‘do, the styling part comes easy. Instead of struggling with a curling iron pre-party, simply playing with textures can work wonders. Try a shine-promoting product like Matrix Miracle Creator 20 for an easy application with loads of benefits including texture. Apply this pro-approved product onto damp hair and comb through before blow drying for an instant glow-up. Add your accessory of choice for the most festival proof hair for shorter hair.

Look #3: Wet Hollywood Waves

Some of the best party proof short hairstyles could benefit from a little professional help, and this is one of them. Old Hollywood waves are - and forever will be - one of our favourite formal looks. Sleek S-waves can be hard to master if you’ve never attempted them before. It could be useful to pop to the salon for a little pre-styling tutorial, demonstrated by your trusted stylist before your party. If you’re feeling up to the challenge and want to try this coiffed party proof short hairstyle solo, then you should get acquainted with the right products. You’ll want to first set your shorter hairstyle, then add a lightweight styling gel to keep things poised and polished. Give Biolage R.A.W. Styling Jelly a try - it offers 24-hour body without stiffness and comes from 98% natural origins.

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Party Proof Short Hairstyles: 3 Tips

These pro tricks will help keep your shorter hairstyles for women in tip top condition all night long!

1. Pick The Right Products

When you’re working with less locks for party proof short hair styles, the right products can give your look the right amount of finesse.

“Shorter hairstyles for women doesn't suffer in the same way as longer hair lengths, but it is a good idea to use hair care products that suit your hair texture whether it’s colour protection, boosting volume, or adding shine”

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The best hair care is bespoke; if you’re not sure what kind of hair goods you need, talk to your stylist to find out your main hair concerns.

2. Texture Is Your Friend

A good texture means a good hold. There’s a reason hairstylists request to work with locks that haven’t been recently shampooed! If you’re working with squeaky clean strands, look for a dry shampoo or texturising product. 

“Using a styling product on short hair can not only add texture or volume, but shine and definition whilst giving shorter hairstyles a completely different look”

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3. Hairspray Your Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are vital to keep tresses tamed. If you haven’t heard of this life-changing hair hack before, you’re welcome! Misting your bobby pins with hairspray helps them get a more secure grip in hair when styling. The more you know.

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Now that you’re armed with the best party proof short hairstyles, go out and dance, dance, dance!


Interested in trying shorter hairstyles for a party? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a hairdresser near you today.

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