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2019 Guide To Bridesmaid Hair

Elizabeth Hall
17 April 2019
bridesmaid with up styled ginger hair for wedding

As a bridesmaid, you’ve drawn the short stick when it comes to choices… you may be stuck with a dress you didn’t pick out, paired with a groomsman you definitely didn’t choose but we’ve delivered the ultimate hair inspo for you take back a little control. These trending bridesmaid hair ideas and bridesmaid hair accessories will ensure you look flawless (from the neck up, at least!) whilst pleasing everyone in the bridal party - it’s a miracle, we know. Whether the bridal party is aiming for matching updos or you’re allowed the freedom to express a bit of individuality through bridesmaid hair accessories, there’s a look you’ll want to say yes to! Forget those over-hair sprayed curls, bridal ‘dos have come a long way, thankfully. Read on to make your bridesmaid hair ideas game strong!

Bridesmaid Hair Ideas: How To Find The One

As a soon-to-be-bridesmaid, you’ve probably been frantically Googling: bridesmaid hair ideas, but to no avail. It’s your lucky day, not only do you not have the immense pressure of saying ‘I do’, but you’ve landed on the right page. Double-winning! To sort out the perfect matrimonial ‘do that pleases even the pickiest gal in the group, there’s a few things to consider: bridesmaid hair accessories, updo, downdo, weather… just to name a few.

But before you even begin your journey through the wonderful world of wedding hair, the bride must first choose her own hairstyle. The last thing you’d want to do to at your BFF’s wedding is overshadow her ‘do whilst she says ‘I do’ - just no. Choose a style that complements the hairstyle of the bride, in a subtle way. The style you pick should still be different than to that of the bride so her bride-to-be aesthetic shines through on the big day. Once the bride has found her hair soul mate, it’s time to jump into bridesmaid hair ideas - get your mood-boards ready!

The Bridesmaid Hair Ideas You Need In Your Life

We know it’s important to contrast the bridesmaid hair ideas and style with that of the bride, but equally as important to keep the overall theme. With that in mind, the next thing you should consider is the location and weather; as we know, UK weather is notoriously gloomy so (hopefully) no surprises there! If the special day lands on a rare (but appreciated) hot day, consider an updo so you’re not left pushing sweaty tendrils off your forehead on the dance floor. Pro tip: you should always choose a style you’re the most comfortable rocking, from many bridesmaid hair ideas - if you never wear your bridesmaid hair up do, a beautiful but complicated chignon won’t be the best choice. Check out our handy ‘lil guide to crushing the bridesmaid hair game!

Bridesmaid Hair Up

You’ve come this far and decided on an bridesmaid hair up do (welcome BTW, we love you!), take a look at the latest and greatest in the land of bridesmaid hair up dos.

That Low Low Bun

This look is the most youthful, fresh take on a bridesmaid hair up do, and it’s simple but far from boring… shape, placement and balance are key. Your low bun should hang at the nape of your neck for that low-maintenance lover look.

brunette women in up-styled bridesmaid hair in braids

Tucked Away Fishtail Braid

This look, consisting of a tucked and knotted fishtail braid, is equal parts polished and edgy. Going back to choosing complementary styles… if the bride has chosen to do a fishtail braid, this ‘do couldn’t be any more flattering - like two peas in a pod! We would recommend booking a stylist for this look, they can also help with bridesmaid hair ideas. The pros will take off the pressure of perfecting your bridesmaid hair up do, so you can focus on champagne and dancing!

Bridesmaid Hair Accessories

Incorporating bridesmaid hair accessories into your ‘do is an excellent way to liven up a simple dress - here are our favourite bridesmaid hair accessories in the biz!

Heavenly Headband

Move over, fascinators, there are new bridesmaid hair accessories on our wishlist! The pop of colour that a headband can give is innovative and downright original. You can pick up a silk scarf to wrap around your big bouncy blowout or add a gold (coloured) headband to go with your gold-streaked liner… goals! Match your lipstick to your headband for even more style points. 

Flower Girl

If you’re attending a boho wedding, bridesmaid hair accessories are the glue that will hold your look together. As they say, the devil’s in the details! Premiering at bridal fashion week 2019, a classic half-up hairstyle can be transformed into one of the most romantic looks of the season by gluing flowers throughout the lengths of the hair, which are the perfect new bridesmaid hair accessories.

Bridesmaid Hair Down

Still stuck on choosing from all of the bridesmaid hair ideas? Choosing to wear your hair down unleashes heaps more of styles to choose from - all of which are effortlessly chic!

Beautiful Braid Crown

What’s delicately feminine, yet regal at the same time? This bridal hairstyle! The popularity of adding a braid crown is growing, and for good reason… it’s gorgeous. If your dress is quite formal, this is a good option to neutralise your overall look. Give your braid crown a twist by adorning it with flowers (we like using real flowers!). You can also add gorgeous bridesmaid hair accessories as to this look as well.

Loose Romantic Waves

Loose waves are timeless, and you can’t go wrong with a classic. If your dress has a lot of details, try this look to keep a good balance. Soft, side-parted waves aren’t overly-complicated and will look good forever… need we say any more?

Even if you’re not the one exchanging vows, say ‘I do’ to one of these looks for profile picture-worthy photos and a guaranteed good time!

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