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3 Laid-Back And Beautiful Beach Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

09 July 2019
two girls sitting on the beach with hair styled

Spend less time in front of the mirror and more time on the beach with these 3 beach hairstyles for medium length hair that will effortlessly transform you into a total beach babe. The warmer months beckon you to pop to the salon for a trim and colour (summer is the official hair-lightening season). With your strands surfer-girl approved, it’s time to embrace these siren of the sea hairstyles. Here’s to surf, sun, sand and of course - style!

Top Knot For The Beach

Scoring points for being easy to create and oh-so-pretty, the topknot is a classic beach hairstyle for medium length hair. Easy, sexy, feminine and quick - the topknot always looks stylish. This look can be worn in different ways, from loose mermaid-esque tendrils hanging at the sides for an effortless feminine touch, to slick and sleek for no-nonsense style (try Redken’s Shine Flash 02 Glistening Mist for an instant wet look and textured appearance perfect for the beach). Twist your pony and wrap around into a bun securing with a band or pins, this look can also be done on wet hair if you have literally just dived into the sea but don’t want your wet hair against  your back as you bask in the sun!

Salty Waves

Wavy beach locks are the staple of summer hairstyles. What’s more free and sexy than beach waves? This classic style combined with the wet hair look is a winning, effortless duo that makes beachy hair a breeze. Redken Beach Envy Wave Aid has got you covered, providing beach-free wavy locks that dreams are made of. The name says it all; spritz some summertime into your hair and get rippling waves instantly, sans sunburn and sand. Top Tip: Scrunch into wet hair and keep scrunching as it dries naturally for enhanced wavy realness.

Mermaid Fishtail Braid

The fishtail braid is a naughty nautical look that will transform you into a beachside goddess - yaasss queen! Chic, fun and much easier to create than it looks, prep your hair with a dollop of Texture Rough Paste 12 to help give you more grip. 
How to make a fishtail braid;

Step 1 – Part your hair into two sections of even amounts at the back of your hair
Step 2 – Take a thin set of hair from the left section of parted hair
Step 3 – Take this set and pull it across the left section to the middle
Step 4 – Loop the thin set underneath the right section of hair
Step 5 – Repeat this on the right section of hair
Step 6 – Keep alternating these thin sets of hair until you reach the ends of your hair, leaving a little bit of hair as it begins to thin out.
Step 7 – Tease out the braid with fingertips to thicken and loosen the braid.

A plait or braid is always easier on hair that has not just been washed, so second or third day hair is ideal. Opt for the fishtail braid if you have more length and less layers for beautiful mermaid-inspired hair all day long. 

Looking to mix up the traditional fishtail? Put away your mermaid forks and weave some coloured ribbons into your braid for a slay-worthy look. 

Sun’s out, style’s in! 
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