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4 Ways To Make Your Hair Look Thicker

12 May 2019
woman with long thick brunette hair

Why We Love Thick Looking Hair

Thick, full, bouncy hair is the ultimate hair that most strive to achieve. That luscious lift of voluminous hair that exudes health and vitality. We look to achieve thicker looking hair because ultimately it makes it look our best and feel like a queen. So many of us, especially those of us with thinner hair however, were not blessed with full locks by the hair gods and so we brush, blow and tease hair until we achieve the thicker hair our childhood princess dreams were made of. Fortunately, we have experts now who can hold our metaphorical hands through the process and guide us to a thicker hair and fuller haired future. Enter Luke Pluckrose, Creative Director at Saks Hair & Beauty who we met up with the find out four ways to bring a lift to our flat haired heads. Watch the steps below and find out.

Watch the video below to see the steps for yourself!

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4 Ways To Make Your Hair Look Thicker

1. Natural Volume

For natural looking volume, Luke suggests drying your hair in the opposite direction, “this will set the follicles in the opposite direction, making hair appear thicker” says Luke. Using a comb will help to “keep hairs moving in the direction you aiming them.” Make sure you dry hair from wet for ultimate staying power but it will also work if you wet dry hair with product.

2. Enhanced Volume

If natural isn’t your thang for thicker hair but you’re also not up for anything O.T.T. then it’s time to pick up a “round brush and lift hair up, this type of brush gives you more control and bounce” suggests Luke as he expertly dries volume into Esha’s hair using the flat nozzle.

3. Glam Volume

Ramp it up another gear for daytime glam or the ideal evening thicker hair volume that will hold for longer by pinning hair into curls and let them cool.

“Letting your hair cool will ensure the volume enhancing curls stay longer,” explains Luke as he prepares to unravel the resting coils of hair. “Use a hairspray before and after placing the curls for ultimate staying power.”

Luke Pluckrose Creative Director, Saks Hair & Beauty UK

4. Full On Volume

Still not fulfilling your thicker hair quota? It’s time to reach for the backcombing brush. Gently lifting hair up and teasing hair back down to the roots will add instant volume like no other.

Top Tip: “To ensure you don’t get lumpy, bumpy volume from backcombing make sure you backcomb in wider sections of hair as opposed to lots of little sections of the hair,” says Luke.

Luke Pluckrose Creative Director, Saks Hair & Beauty UK

Looking Hair Tool Kit

Techniques to make your hair look thicker can only be achieved with their partner in crime: product! Take a look at this thicker hair tool kit to find what Luke recommended to put the spring back into your hair;

  1. L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Pli

    This pro favourite is a fashion week favourite because of its multi-purpose functions. “It holds and preps hair like nothing else,” says Luke so it’s perfect to reshaping hair and adding volume.

  2. L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Anti-Frizz

    If you suffer with frizzy hair realness the moment you try to achieve thicker hair, this frizz fighting spray will keep you looking super slick without being too weighty.

  3. L’Oréal Professionnel Infinium Hairspray

    Of course, we’re no stranger to a hairspray being volume chasers and it is a step that cannot be skipped to lock in hold.

  4. L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Ring Light

Finish off your bouncy blow dry and thicker hair with a light mist of shine:

“...the circular spray ensures an even distribution of shine spray, resulting in a lightweight finish” Luke says.

Luke Pluckrose Creative Director, Saks Hair & Beauty UK

Want to book in for that bouncy blow dry? Use our salon locator to find a hair stylist near you and book in for an appointment.

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