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5 Easy Up-Dos Your Hairdresser Would Be Proud Of

14 September 2018
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Thanks to its technical ease, the ponytail comes everywhere with us: to the gym, to class and to the office. Indeed, it’s easy to get bored of this overused hairstyle. Keep scrolling to read tips gathered from experts to find easy up-dos to give you an upgrade with these easy – yet chic – ideas! 

1. The 'Calm Down' Knot

As coined by Adam Reed (of Percy & Reed and L’Oréal Ambassador) at the Roberta Einer SS19 Show this London Fashion Week, the ‘Calm Down’ textured knot is a worn-in up-do and modern with an ethereal feel.

How to calm down and get your hair up:
“Less is more.” Is Adam’s motto here “Let your hands do all the work to avoid an ‘overdone’ look. Work the products through with fingers to maximise the texture of the hair, and use the warmth of your hands to dry in product.“

Adam Reed Founding Partner & Director, Percy & Reed, London

2. The Beautiful Braid

Both feminine and bang on trend - what more could you ask for?

Braids for Beginners

Try a French braid, the key to braiding is practice. Those moments in front of the telly is valuable braid practice time! A top tip for braids is to braid hair with a bit of texture, clean dry hair will make it hard to grip. Opt for second day hair or wet hair for ease. Clean hair the only option? Gather some grip using some product, we’d recommend using Redken Shape Factor Cream-Wax.

Braidy Bunch 

If you’re a braid queen already, opt for a braid crown around the front of your hairline. The perfect option for growing out a fringe too and a sophisticated and easy up-do option. Tease out some hairs for a thicker looking, natural finish and hold with a gentle hairspray like Matrix Style Fixer Hairspray.

Braid Pro 

Ok, you’re way ahead of us but we would opt for the wild and on-trend DNA braids. An upgraded version of the fishtail braid.


3. The Messy Bun

A looser, more relaxed take on the chignon, this cool hairstyle works at any time of the day. When drawing together the ponytail for the bun, leave some slack – and again when pinning – to attain a looser, more casual look. Another method is to create a tighter, well-secured bun, and then loosen with your fingers and fish out a few strands and give that ‘messy’ look. Style the hair previously with some loose curls to add shape.

4. Top Knot

Somewhere between the practical and the edgy, the top knot has become a staple up-do. With both men and women rocking the look, it’s fun and also easy to style. The key to the perfect top knot: finding the right spot for it, by judging the most comfortable and secure area, but also the spot that will suit your proportions the best. Once you’ve chosen the position of your topknot, create a ponytail and twist your strands around the base. Fix with bobby pins or push into the elastic and finish.

5. Twin Buns

Don’t knock it till you try it. Cute and fun the double buns look great worn high on the head or lower down. Split your hair down the middle parting with a long-tail comb and tie high or low pigtails. Then simply twist (or braid if you are feeling more adventurous) and wrap around the base. And there you have it: the perfect double bun! Hold in place with a spritz of L'Oréal Profesionnel Infinium Hairspray and you’re ready to roll.

Five easy up-do hairstyles to get you sporting a new up-do every day for work, rest or play. Ask your stylist for help should you need any personal advise on technique or products!

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