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5 Tricks That Make Blow Dries for Curly Hair So Much Easier

28 August 2017
woman getting her hair blow dried in salon with a brush

There’s a reason so many women treat their blow dry appointment like a religious ceremony. If you’re working with textured, thick, or curly hair, achieving a sleek blow dry can seem like the stuff of myths. Whether your shoulder has a tendency to cramp up while holding the blow dryer or you just don’t have the expertise necessary to wield the brush, you’d rather turn to the pros instead. We enlisted the help of Rick Roberts, Matrix Artist and L’Oréal Colour Trophy Afro Award Winner 2018 to give us the advice we need to perfect our curls.

Find out what it is that makes it possible to blow dry curly hair. Sound too good to be true? Read on for the best tips in the business, my wavy friend.

Sectioning Your Hair Will Get The Job Done Faster.

If there’s one blow dry step most of us are guilty of skipping, it’s sectioning off the hair. While your local hair professional takes the time to clip off a few square inches of hair at a time, drying them intensely, most of us just rake through the strands with our fingers and hope for the best.

By taking the few extra moments to tie off separate pieces for blow drying, you’re saving yourself time and energy. Put that hairdryer down and take the time to section it up, you’ll feel a lot more prepared instantly.

"Section, section, section...You want to avoid trying to blow dry too much on the brush at a time."

Rick Roberts L’Oreal ID Artist & Matrix Destination Fame Winner

By tightly pinning each section in place, hair stays wet until you’re ready to style it. Plus, you’ll get a better grip on the hair you’re actually dealing with it. That means less frizz all over the head—a cause curly girls can enthusiastically get behind.

Apply Your Hair Product With A Comb.

Surely, you’ve heard the commandment that bringing a comb anywhere near your curls will result in not only a bad hair day but also the potential destruction of the world as we know it.

Not true, if you use a comb for the right reason and at the right moment, it will help you blow dry those curls. Once you’ve sectioned your hair, work your heat protecting spray (curly girls, opt for Kérastase Keratine Thermique blow dry cream to protect locks) through each section and comb it in. This will maintain the shape of your curls and protect from heat damage.

If you stick to this method, you’ll avoid any accidental gaps in coverage. That’s key, because heat damage will do a number on your curl pattern.

Even Your Heat Protectant Should Moisturise Your Curls.

Moisture is the building block upon which every curly-haired woman’s world is built. Without it, you’ll see a serious uptick in frizz, dry-looking strands, and curls that aren’t so much ringlets as unruly puff balls.

That said, it makes sense that everything you apply to your mane should help add and lock in moisture. Curly hair needs more moisture so you need to nourish the strands before applying heat.

Always Use A Brush... A Good Brush

There’s no dropping cash on a quality blow dryer without also investing in a proper brush. The right pick will help create tension as you dry your hair, helping you direct the air properly while smoothing and straightening.

For curlier and coarser hair, a bristle brush is your best option for optimum control.

For wavy to curly girls, use a ceramic brush to set your blow dry.

“Don’t be scared of volume” urges Rick, who is no stranger to curls, “the bigger the better as volume and curls look great when big and bouncy”

Rick Roberts L’Oreal ID Artist & Matrix Destination Fame Winner

Make sure you keep a good level of tension throughout each section and hold the brush on a cooler setting against dry hair to set it and reduce damage. This will give you a bit of bounce. Dry upwards to add volume to your blow dry, Rick suggests you “use Biolage R.A.W. Texturising Volume Spray near the roots and Biolage R.A.W.Curl Defining Styling Butter near mid lengths and ends.” the right tools will get you the result you’ve been hoping for with less stress.

Don’t Be Afraid To Re-Wet Your Curls And Start Over

The heat styling rules that straight-haired ladies live by simply don’t apply to their curly counterparts. That includes the idea of rough drying—using your hand and a blow dryer to get hair about 70 percent dry before beginning to style it. Ricks top tip when it comes to drying your curls is “Don’t over defuse the hair” this will only create more frizz. “Start drying the roots in a small circular motion with the dryer nozzle off , using a medium heat and on medium blower - be patient.”

When it comes to a blow dry for curly hair, the brush should be there with you and your dryer from start to finish. Giving you maximum control over the curls and not relying on rough drying.

If things aren’t headed in an aesthetic direction you like, don’t be afraid to dampen the hair. Think of it as a fresh start for your blowout.

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