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5 Ways To Thicken Your Ponytail

22 October 2018
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When you think ponytail, you think of a big bouncy and glorious gathering of hair which gently flicks at the end and delights everyone who looks at it. The reality? You scrape your hair back and let your ponytail fall however it decides to that day. The fairy tale ponytail is not always as simple and easy to achieve. If you have fine or thin tresses, you may have resigned yourself to the fact that ponytails just aren't for you after the twentieth time of ripping your elastic out in frustration. But don’t fret: it’s time to ditch the days of lifeless, drab up-do’s and welcome the era of the luscious, bouncy pony, simply by following our 5 professional – yet easy – tips. Jonathan Soons, Creative Ambassador Headmasters Salons shares with us his best methods on mastering that killer ponytail.

1. Choose Your Styling Products Wisely

You need to put in the prep work to achieve pony tail hierarchy and products are the key to getting you there. “First reach for the product – it’s is the first place to go to for plumping that tail, I love Techni Art Volume Architect” advises Jonathan. 

You’ll need to consider your natural hair and what product will work best with it. A volumising mousse is a safe bet to help lift that hair up and give it the helping hand it needs.
Full Volume Extra Hair Mousse from the Tecni.ART line by L'Oréal Professionnel is a favourite of ours, as well as of stylists worldwide, thanks to its thickening but non-crunchy effect.

“Once the ponytail is up use a pin tail comb to separate the tail into small sections and back comb the underneath of each section.” 

Jonathan Soons Jonathan Soons, Creative Ambassador Headmasters Salons

Don’t weigh hair down with too many products as this can be why you find it falls flat, anything oil based or too much hairspray can put you right back to square one.

2. Ride The Waves

Waves always make hair appear more voluminous than sleek locks so a messy ponytail can be a good option. Keep the finish cool and natural with a beach wave effect by using Wild Stylers Beach Waves Texturizing Spray by L'Oréal Professionnel. Before tying your messy ponytail, spray onto the lengths and tips, and use your fingers to tousle the hair into beachy summer waves with an on-trend matte texture. 

Jonathan Soons, L'Oréal Professionnel expert hair stylist, reveals that teasing the length of the hair with a bristle brush can also plump up your messy ponytail, which is a technique that is often used on the runway. “A high crown, strong ponytail and matte texture at the ends through teasing is the key to a volumised pony”, Jonathan uncovers.

“Alternatively using at tong can also give a large amount of body too. Split the point into sections and using a little hairspray and using a medium to large tong wrap the hair around the tong once as close to the base of the pony, you can wait for a while to let cool and then brush out.” We’re on the way to ponytail royalty here."

Jonathan Soons Jonathan Soons, Creative Ambassador Headmasters Salons

3. Add Volume While You Wash

You can encourage thickness in your hair from the shower with a volumising shampoo and conditioner, such as those from the Volumifique collection by Kérastase. Formulated especially for fine hair, they invigorate the hair’s fibres, leaving locks amplified, yet soft. Can we get a whoop whoop?

4. Double Up

Who said that ponytails have to stand alone? Splitting your tresses horizontally and fixing two ponytails, one above the other, can instantly boost the volume of your ‘do. Tease the top pony to cover the bottom elastic with a backcombing brush so that your secret is hidden, et voila! Your additional pony creates the illusion of more hair. To add a runway edge to your ponytail, try using Japanese hair elastics, whose untied ends will give you more control over the end style. We’re feeling sassier already!

5. Use Two Hair Elastics

This simple hair hack used by stylists backstage during fashion weeks around the world. Using two hair elastics creates distance between the ponytail and the scalp, creating the illusion of thicker locks. Top tip: to sidestep hair damage, steer clear of tight, plastic-feeling elastics and instead opt for loose, softer bands. You could end up ripping out your hair!

Thin hair doesn’t have to mean lifeless and drab. Put the bounce back into your pony!


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