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Hair Glossing, The New Flossing

Elizabeth Hall
01 October 2019
woman with long dark blonde glossy hair

When it comes to hair, we all have one question: how the eff do we get glossy hair? Those who colour their hair often know that nothing - we mean nothing - beats that post-salon glow. The only problem is... after a couple weeks of rocking your fresh colour, your strand-aesthetic slowly heads toward a lacklustre state. Until now! Enter: hair glossing- the ultimate answer to the time-old question of how to get glossy hair. Hair glossing is an in-salon treatment that ensures your killer balayage doesn’t end up in Fade City after a few weeks. We cover Redken Shades EQ, the pro-designed hair glossing treatment that can be used on coloured and virgin hair alike to lend a divine shine. After all, what are diamonds without their shine? Scroll through to learn how to get glossy hair like you’ve never seen before- dreams do come true!

Shine Bright Like A Diamond: What Is Hair Glossing?

You’re walking down the street and you catch a glimpse of a mane with a mirror-like, iridescent shine- how does she get glossy hair like that? That should be accredited to one nifty in-salon treatment: hair gloss! Get glossy hair (no matter how much of a colour addict you are) with this glorious God-send. What exactly is the trend that’s sweeping the salons like crazy? Think of hair gloss as the topcoat of your nailpolish- a sheer coat of shine that takes your mani to the next level. In this case, it’s not your manicure getting revamped, it’s your hair.

Ah, the lip gloss of the hair world. This worthy treatment does more than add an enviable shine... the pros tell us that it protects, corrects, and enhances your locks. Yes please.

woman with long glossy brunette hair

The Lowdown On How To Get Glossy Hair

Now that we’ve sussed out exactly what hair glossing is and why you need it in your life, here’s everything you need to know about the trend with no end.

What’s A Pro-Favourite Hair Gloss To Get Glossy Hair?

If you’re ready to get behind the flossin’ that is glossin’, look no further than salon-sworn Redken Shades EQThis treatment helps to tone, refresh, and correct without lightening the hair. That’s a lot of hats to wear!

How Often Should You Gloss?

Shades EQ is demi-permanent, meaning it lasts about 24 washes. But as no colour is created equal, you can stick to the expert guided rule of thumb: every 6-8 weeks. Pop to the salon in between your colour appointments to liven up your locks and give life back to your hair colour.

How Long Does The Glossing Process Take?

Using Shades EQ should take no longer than 20 minutes, but because everyone’s hair has different porosity, your stylist will be able to tell when it’s developed. This is another reason why seeing a professional colourist is the way to go, especially if you have thicker hair. We’re backing any beauty service we can squeeze into our lunch break.

woman with long glossy styled hair

Who Should Try Hair Glossing?

Shades EQ is perfect for literally anyone looking for a mirror-like shine in their mane. The treatment is ideal if you’re looking to cover up or blend up to 50% of grey hairs (and it looks soo natural). This pro fave product is also used to tone or alter a bad dye-job- seriously, hair gloss works like a boss. Get glossy hair and refresh your killer colour? Yep, we’re all in.

How Can A Hair Gloss Fix A Dye-Job-Gone-Wrong?

Been a victim of a hair colouring conundrum (you asked for golden blonde highlights, got orange streaks)? That’s where Redken Shades EQ saves the day. This product can work wonders in tuning shades to be just as you imagined them, bye-bye brass! Check out the ways your stylist can use this treatment to help you get glossy hair, and a bespoke colour, that you actually want.

For Blondes

Colourists love to use Shades EQ with the majority of clients going blonde, not only for the shine that makes multi-tonal hair pop (gorge), but to eliminate brassiness- a blonde’s worst hair-nemy.

For Gingers (Redheads)

Because red is one of the fastest colours to fade (the red hair molecule slips out significantly with each wash), a hair gloss like Shades EQ, can help seal the hair cuticle and maintain the colour longer. It can also be used to blend or fine-tune a shade like strawberry blonde.

For Brunettes/Darker Bases

Luckily, darker bases require less colouring. But Shades EQ can be used to give your mane an enviable iridescent shine. If you have highlights or balayage, a hair gloss can help bring them back to their hey-day.

woman with long straight blonde glossy hair

Get Glossy Hair & Care

After you’ve booked in for a hair gloss and are enjoying the benefits of that post-salon-glow, here are some tips on how to make your gloss treatment last.

First, the longevity of your gloss treatment is in your hands after you’ve left the salon. In order to keep your glossy hair, you must treat it with care. The aftercare of your treatment is just as crucial as with any other colouring service- fade will come faster if you don’t use the right products. We love Redken Color Extend Magnetics range for its innovative hair care technology, the shine just doesn’t quit with this one! Be sure to use the Color Extend Magnetics Deep Attractions Mask at least once a week (or less if you have very fine hair) to prolong your glossy investment.

Get down with glossy hair, because when it comes to shine, we care! 
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