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3 Hot Halloween Hairstyles

Elizabeth Hall
22 October 2018
woman in halloween outfit holding a cat

You’re planning your Halloween costume and we think you should let your hair do the talking. This freaky holiday is the one day of the year where you can be whoever you want, so do it big with these creatively stunning Halloween hair ideas. This is your year to turn it up - will you trick or treat? Either way, we’ve gathered you the hottest Halloween hairstyles of the year.

Halloween Hairstyles: What to Consider

Your Halloween costume is not only a disguise - its level of creativity, intelligence and boldness says a lot about you.  If you could be anybody or anything for one night only, who - or what - would you be? This is something to ask yourself before delving into the depths of social media looking for inspiration for your next big ‘do. 

If lathering messy, fake blood isn’t really your thing, let yourself stand out with breathtaking Halloween hair - the perfect finishing touch to any statement Halloween costume. We’ve collected the trendiest looks of 2018 to get those creative wheels spinning. Ready, set, BOO!

Halloween Hair Idea No. 1

Halloween hairstyle 2018

Who said aliens aren’t sexy? If you like to party like you’re on another planet, then this is the look for you. Fun, quirky and festive, this look is sure to get you some extraterrestrial compliments whether you rock it in the office or at a party

How to get the look: This space-themed hair takes less than 10 minutes to achieve. Simply part your hair down the middle and pull two pieces from the front (just above each eyebrow). Braid the two front pieces and clip back with a bobby pin. Next, twist two buns on the top of your head and secure with a clear elastic, using bobby pins to pin and stray hairs left. Pro tip - If you want to up the oomph-factor then add some glitter and colour! L’Oreal Professional Flash Makeup For Hair offers 11 shades of pure gorgeousness that will take your Halloween hair to another galaxy. Spread the colour down your part and top with sparkles to give out envious E.T. vibes.

Halloween Hair Idea No. 2

Halloween hairstyle

This pessimistic pearl is a Halloween classic. Not many Halloween hairstyles are on par with this one, the ultimate goth babe. As she would say, “this is my costume. I'm a homicidal maniac, they look just like everyone else.” We’re loving the dark, minimalist style. If you’re an advocate for wearing black all year long, it’s time to channel your inner-Goth.

How to get the look: These goth braids are the simplest of Halloween hair ideas. Part your hair straight down the middle and begin a basic three-way braid from below the ear. Continue to braid all the way down and secure with clear elastics. To finish, spritz some hairspray all over for the perfect put-together emo style. Experts love Kerastase Laque Noir Hairspray because it fights frizz without the sticky effect. If you want to go all out, try weaving a sparkly string along your braids for some chic pizazz. This look is gloomy girl-approved!

Halloween Hair Idea No. 3

Going as a group? We love these cute Halloween hairstyles because they’re not only fun, but they scream girl power! If you and your crew are looking for the perfect group theme, look no further. The nostalgia is real. The best part? Fit your personalities to the characters. We’re sure you have some ideas in mind as to who will be suited best to each character.

How to get the look: Okay, so the chances that one of your girls are a redhead, blonde, and black-haired beauty are slim. That’s not an issue! Matrix SoColor Cult is visible on all hair and will transform you into your favourite crime-fighting vixen without having to commit to a permanent colour - to rock a real and fiery Blossoms, look to the neon range which will quite literally glow all night long.

With hair colours sorted, it’s time to get stylin’. If you’re blonde opt for pigtails, a red head opt for a large bow and dark hair? Keep it down!

Ditch the fake cuts and channel your fabulous alter-ego for your most memorable Halloween look yet!

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woman in halloween outfit holding a cat
22 October 2018

3 Hot Halloween Hairstyles

You’re planning your Halloween costume and we think you should let your hair do the talking. This freaky holiday is the one day of the year where you can be whoever you want, so do it big with these creatively stunning Halloween hair ideas


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