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How To Blow-Dry Your Hair Straight Like A Salon: The Insider Hacks

31 August 2018
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Blow-drying can sometimes be a bit of an art form. While some have mastered the mission of switching between hairdryer and brush seamlessly, others take the shortcut and reach for a straightening iron. But you can’t beat that sleek, salon blow-dry – and it can be achieved at home.

Get sleeker hair with our seven steps to achieve the perfect blowout. Sign us up!

1. Blow-Out Prep

Turns out, it’s not all in the technique when it comes to super-sleek blowouts. Make sure you don’t neglect the prep stage, which can help make or break a blow-dry. Quality products that work with your hair type will give you the base you need to work with.

2. Product Picks

Many of us skip the prep step and wonder why we got blow-out fail. This is the most important step for seamless straight blowout results, trying use a few pumps of Kérastase L’Incroyable Blowdry Reshapable Heat Lotion through the lengths and ends of your hair to protect it from heat damage but also help to shape it when you style it.

3. Location, Location, Location

Ditch the bathroom blowout if you want a power-finish like the pros. If you’ve just showered or had a bath, circulating moisture and poor ventilation can wreak havoc on your attempts at super-straight hair and result in frizz. Not the end goal!

4. Brush Brilliance

Once your hair is about 80% dry, it’s time to get to work with the brush. But which one?  A round bristle brush is your best bet, the dense brush will help to lift and add volume as well as separating hair enough to dry each strand. Use a clip to section off hair - especially useful if your hair is thicker - and let down layers as you go.

5. Spray Away

Again, product comes majorly into play with your blow-out styling end game. Use a light hold hairspray and apply it to your hand or brush to smooth down the hair with it. The light hold hairspray means you’ll still have movement and body, but without the frizz and flyaways.

6. Chill Out

Finish off your blow-dry with an all-important blast of cool air. This will help seal the cuticle and keep your hair in place, so your blowout style will stay put for longer.

7. Blowout Longevity

The best part about blow-drying your hair straight (besides looking incredible, obviously) is that the results can be long-lasting. Depending on your hair’s texture, your blowout can last anywhere between two days to a week. Help to prolong your blowout results with dry shampoo to absorb any oil at your roots. A light spritz of Soin Spray Volumifique can also help to give your blow-dry extra oomph and volume.

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