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How To Do A Waterfall Braid – The Braid Aid

Elizabeth Hall
06 June 2019
woman with waterfall braid hair style

If you’ve been anywhere near the handle “hair inspo”, you’ve certainly come across the waterfall braid. It’s a whimsical braided ‘do straight from the pages of romance novel that shows off dimension in highlighted hair in an oh-so-pretty way, oh la la. Unlikesome braid hairstyles, the waterfall braid is downright versatile braid hairstyles. This plait can be braided on just about any hair length: long, short, medium - you name it! We love the soft feminine touch that this plait adds to any look… and we aren’t alone. While it’s absolutely gorge, it’s definitely one of the more challenging braid hairstyles out there (level up from the French braid). But practice makes perfect and if you’re lusting after this romantic ‘do, then you’ll need to put in a bit of practice - unless you’re a self-proclaimed pro. Keep reading to learn the ropes of the prettiest plaited, half-up hairstyle to make you feel like an actual mermaid!

Mermaid Moment: How To Do A Waterfall Braid

As we mentioned, this plait isn’t any old braid hairstyles is like an upgraded version of the French braid. It consists of French braiding at the crown and free-flowing locks that can hold their own in any setting. Basically, it’s your dream ‘do! Check out our tutorial on the proper way to master this seemingly complicated hairstyle like a plait pro!

1. Start with a smooth base - L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Liss Control is a stylist favourite for up to 24 hours of frizz-free beauty. Apply this product onto damp hair and blow dry smooth to get a good base.

2. Using a tail comb, part hair evenly where you would like the braid to start. Section this off and secure using a clip.

3. Part the hair on a diagonal where you want the braid to begin and divide hair into three even sections.

4. Next, take the upper right section and cross under the middle section. Now take the left section and cross under the middle to your right.

woman with waterfall braid hairstyle during and after

5. Repeat step 4 two or three times, until you are ready to start adding hair into the braid.

6. When you’re ready to add hair, start feeding from the top of the braid. Pick up a section of hair in your right hand and cross under the middle to the right hand side.

7. Leave the section that you picked up to the left and crossed over to the right out of the braid. Slightly move that section forward and take a section of hair underneath from the left hand side. Cross that section over the right.

8. Continue grabbing a section form the right hand side, crossing under the middle to the left hand side and leave the section hanging. Repeat until you’ve weaved the remaining hair.

9. Generously spritz in some spray using L’Oréal Professionnel Infinium Hairspray - a fast-drying, no residue product with a high fixation hold.

And there’s your beautiful waterfall braid.

Style Switch-Up: Ways To Wear The Waterfall Braid

Once you’ve mastered the basic waterfall braid, it’s time to get those creative wheels spinning! Here are our fave renditions on this anything-but-basic braid hairstyles.

The Waterfall Braid ft. Beach Waves: if you’re all about a high-impact braid hairstyles, this one is for you! This look takes whimsical to the next level… perfect for a wedding, festival, or even the office, we’re kind of obsessed.

Looped Waterfall Braid: we think this is the definition of next level pretty. Instead of doing the classic three-strand weave, create loops instead for an eye-catching edge certain to turn heads.

Buildable Waterfall Braid: can’t get enough plaits? After creating your classic waterfall braid, begin to weave an undone side braid for plaits galore! Pro tip: this look works best if you keep it intentionally messy.

Waterfall-ed Ponytail: half-up braid hairstyles not your bag? Throw it back! Once you have your waterfall braid woven at the crown, tie hair into a ponytail for a flirty play on this plait. This option is great for summer weddings as you won’t have to worry about your locks sticking to your lip gloss (we can all relate).

Who Suits A Waterfall Braid? Spoiler Alert: Everyone!

Those with shorter hair are well versed in the challenges of creating a braid hairstyles with little to work with. That’s where the waterfall braid saves the day. Like we said, this plait can be worked through almost every hair length because you begin weaving at your temple and stop where you want. But wait - there’s more! In addition to suiting most hair lengths (even a bob!), the waterfall braid hairstyles works on both straight and curly hair. Perfect for any length, check. Suits multiple hair textures, check. Romantically playful, check, check, check! Gone are the days when short-haired babes couldn’t have a cool braided hairstyle! This plait is one of the most pinned ‘dos and it’s a no-brainer as to why.

We’ve fallen for the waterfall braid - try out this oh-so-romantic ‘do to take your braiding game to the next level!

Interested in trying out the waterfall braid or any other braid hairstyles? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a hair expert near you.

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