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Be Part Of The Wavy Hair Gang With These Expert Hair Tips

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14 February 2019
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If you’re not feeling poker straight hair or curly hair, waves are the way forward when it comes to textured hair. Wavy hair is having a moment with on-trend styles like #wavylob racking up thousands of likes on social media.

“‘Cool girl hair’ is the most asked for waves in salons right now”

Ashleigh Hodges Artistic Director, Matrix

How to get wavy hair that everyone wants?

Flattened roots, waved mid lengths and kinked or straight ends give you this just-rocked-out-of-bed-looking-amazing style,” suggests Ashleigh. “Look to the coolest celebs for that ultimate glamour grunge look.”

Ashleigh Hodges Artistic Director, Matrix

Want to join the wavy hair cool girl gang? Read on for the techniques and tricks on how to get wavy hair…

The Wave Makers: How To Get Wavy Hair

If you want your hair waves to last - and look polished - it’s all in the prep work.

I always like to start with a really good blow-dry to create a gorgeous base,” Ashley recommends. “Using a light cocktail of styling products before your heated tool means that no matter how textured you go, it will always have that beautiful, polished finish you’d get from a salon.”

Ashleigh Hodges Artistic Director, Matrix

Add these products to your kit list to kick-start your ultimate cool girl waves:

Straighteners vs Hair Tongs: How To Get Wavy Hair Guide

Now you’ve got your hair foundations sorted, you can reach for your hair wave weapon of choice... Whether you prefer to use straightening iron or curling tong, the heated tool you style your hair with is down to the one you find easiest to use, but also the type of wave you’re looking for…

For a cool girl wave I’d go with a medium tong or straightener. I’m also loving really deep waves at the moment, so I’d go for a wave styler for that to create a gorgeous bevel-like finish,” Ashley suggests. “If you want a looser, shaggy wave look, try twisting your hair and use straighteners to clamp over the twists. Allow the style to cool and then shake them out.”

Ashleigh Hodges Artistic Director, Matrix

Whichever tool you’re waving with, try and get into the routine of spritzing on a heat protector first to avoid damage and boost hold.

How To Get Wavy Hair, Short Hair vs Long Hair

Should your techniques be different if you’re waving long hair or short hair? The answer is ‘yes’, according to Ashleigh. If you’ve had a recent haircut, tweak your styling depending on if your hair’s above or below shoulder-length.

With shorter hair, I like to use a softer technique. Take slightly larger sections when you’re styling it - this way it won’t spring up too much and keeps the overall haircut shape“ she says. “With longer hair it’s best to pin it up as you wave each section. This gives it time to really cool down and hold into that shape. I’d also use slightly stronger foundation styling products on longer hair so you get more longevity.”

Ashleigh Hodges Artistic Director, Matrix

If you have long hair and find your waves keep dropping out, try using volumising mousse as a prep product to achieve extra strength and pliability when you’re styling.

Five Ways on How To Get Wavy Hair

It’s official waves are wildly versatile, so experiment with different types of waves and styling products. Read on for Ashleigh Hodges’ ultimate how to get wavy hair guide:

  • Mix up your techniques. For a more undone look, just wave the mid-band of the hair and leave the roots and ends. To achieve a more glamour Seventies vibe, wave from root to tip.
  • For speedy, loose waves in the morning, braid or twist your hair before bedtime and use a loose band to secure to avoid obvious kinks.
  • If you have naturally curly hair or wavy hair, using a good control curl cream will help with definition. Twist into your hair and leave it to dry naturally.

:: Once you’ve got your ultimate waves, avoid brushes. Shake them out with a wide-tooth comb or your fingers instead, and finish with a light hairspray for some natural hold.

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