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The F Word: The Best Hairstyles With Fringes

Elizabeth Hall
18 September 2018
woman with black fringe cut hair

We have always been a fan of a good fringe. There’s no easier way to completely transform your look than by snipping away a few strands of hair around your face. Although a fringe is undoubtedly fabulous all on its own, the right hairstyles can make your fringe truly banging. We explore our top picks for a winning bang-hairstyle combo that will leave you feeling as chic as a Parisian. Keep scrolling for the ultimate fringe-spo.

Why We’re On a Major Fringe Binge 

A fringe is the ultimate hair accessory. Different from the blunt, texture-lacking fringe you may or may not have suffered as a kid, the right fringe will add style and sophistication to your look in seconds. Pretty much anyone can pull of a fringe, as long as you listen to your stylist’s advice on what kind will suit your face shape the best. Particularly if you’re a long-faced gal, you’re sure to profit from the beautiful benefits of bangs.

4 Gorgeous Hairstyles with a Fringe

1. Long straight hair with fringe

A fringe with long, straight hair adds some much needed shape when working with this surf-inspired ‘do. If you can’t bear the thought of parting with your Rapunzel lengths, adding bangs can be the best way to add some life into long, flowing hair.

How to get the look: This fringed hairstyle is oh-so-simple. After washing hair, spray towel-dried strands with Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer Spray to protect your locks from up to 230° heat and to make sure your style keeps its shape. Next, blow dry hair and use a heat-proof round brush to add volume and style bangs. Tip: bangs look best when styled piecey if you’re going for poker straight hair.

2. Blunt bangs ft. tousled bob

This hairstyle with a fringe is sure to add a retro but classy vibe to your look. The loose, choppy curls with product-separated bangs scream NYC editor. If you rock a bob or “lob” (long bob) with bangs, know that a little styling will always be necessary to have your hair looking it’s best.

How to get the look: We start from towel-dried hair. With a hairdryer, blow dry hair with a small heat-proof round brush to create small, tousled waves. Then you want to apply a small amount of matte-defining paste to your locks - the pros love L'Oréal Professionnel Techni.ART Deviation Paste. Work through lengths and ends to make the overall look a bit piecy - be careful to not add too much to avoid strands looking greasy vs. textured. Et voilà, tousled Parisian perfection.

3. Fringe with high ponytail.

There are few better hairstyles with a fringe than the classic high ponytail. It feels like the two were kind of made for each other in retro heaven. This look gives us serious 90s vibes and even better, volume! With hair pulled back and a slight voluminous bump (a mini bouffante, if you will), your fringe will take centre stage. Wear it to a festival to ensure you’re street style ready, or even to the office without the bouffante for a clean but cool look.

How to get the look: First, pull hair into a small half ponytail high on the top of your head (leaving your bangs out). Then, create a second ponytail, just under the first little one. Take your little ponytail and wrap it around the larger one beneath it to create a hair elastic. Use a clear elastic to make sure it is secured and use bobby pins to pin any loose hairs. With a round brush, run a hair straightener over your fringe for the ultimate sleek look.

4. Low messy bun with bangs.

What we love about the low messy bun is that it’s elegant and effortless. Attending a wedding or going to the supermarket? This hairstyle with a fringe suits both. You are in control of just how intricate and sophisticated you want this look to be - by curling hair and adding tasteful twists you are red carpet ready in minutes. Soft, subtle tied back strands and bangs make for the prettiest picture frame for your peepers.

How to get the look: This banged hairstyle works best with loose, textured curls to start. Twist some relaxed curls throughout hair with a hot iron and then secure strands first in a low-hanging ponytail. Next, twist your ponytail into a messy bun, pulling out some cute curly strands as you go for a gorgeous whimsical vibe. Straighten your bangs, but make sure they’re piecy by using a texturising product.

These hairstyles with bangs have put us on a major fringe binge and we aren’t even sorry - get inspired with our fringe-spo and book an appointment with your stylist today to be a banged-beauty.

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