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To Infinity And Beyond: The Infinity Braid Is Here To Stay

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29 January 2019
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From pancake to milkmaid, braids come in a myriad of forms – but there’s one specifically that’s taking over Instagram. Meet the Infinity Braid. How does an infinity braid differ from standard braids? It uses a specific figure of eight ‘weaving’ technique where the strands meet down the middle. We turned to Caroline Schmitt, Creative Stylist at Trevor Sorbie The infinity braid is an exciting new braid that not a lot of people have done in a commercial way before “

Read on to get the coolest infinity braids on the block, plus our pro tips on how to make it hold for longer…

The Braidy Bunch

As braids go, the infinity braid is new to the plait party, which makes it worth knowing about. The hairstyle has racked up more than 15,000 mentions of #infinitybraid and #infinitybraids. Caroline reveals why she thinks it’s the braid to know about: It’s become so popular because it’s been absolutely everywhere on social 

The infinity braid got its name from the infinity sign but some hair pros also call it the figure of eight braid, because of its silhouette. The good news is the infinity braid can be customised for all hair types. Short hair? No problem; add length with extensions that will be completely concealed within the braid.


Get Your Infinity Braid On

Follow our six steps to achieve the infinity braid. You can bespoke your braid by either wearing it strict and neat, or more relaxed with exaggerated loose hairs.

1. Start by gathering your hair into a low ponytail and split your hair in half right down the middle so it’s symmetrical.

2. Take a small section of hair from the right side and cross it over into the right section.

3. Take the crossed right section so it’s under the left half of your hair and then wrap it around and over the left side. Proceed to take it under and around the right section, so that you’re creating a figure of eight shape.

“Make sure you practice this braid” Caroline states, “as even though it looks easy you really need to understand the technique otherwise you can get lost very quickly.”

Caroline Schmitt Creative Stylist

4. Cross the same section of hair that you began with over the right section, under the left section, and then over the left section and back under the right section.

5. Continue the same figure of eight braiding rhythm right through to the ends, or until you start to run out of hair length.

6. Once you begin to run out of hair, start using strands from the outside of either section and add it to your original section until you’re able to secure the ends of your infinity braid with elastic.

Infinite(Ish) Infinity Braids

Nobody wants braids that stays put forever, but there are hair hacks that will mean your style will hold for longer (hopefully). It may even save you an emergency wash and blow-dry before an event if you’re short on time. Discover our pro tips and products to help make your infinity braid really go the distance:

1. Avoid infinity braiding on freshly washed hair

Freshly washed and conditioned hair isn’t the ideal starting point for an infinity braid. Your hair is more likely to be silky and soft - and this style of braids benefits from some grip for staying power. Try your infinity braid out on day-old hair instead to get more mileage out of it.

“For a natural messy look I like to use a bit of L’Oréal Professionnel Super Dust Styling Powder for added grip and texture”

Caroline Schmitt Creative Stylist

2. Use prep products to up your style’s staying power

Prepping your hair with texturising products will also add that all-important grip so your infinity braid holds. Try using Redken Texture Rough Paste - this will add both texture and moveable control as you’re braiding.

3. Secure with the right type of hair tie

Make like the hair pros backstage and use 3mm hair elastic to secure your infinity braid rather than standard hair bands, which can look clunky at the bottom of your braid. If you want to go subtle, try a hair tone coloured elastic so that it looks virtually hidden in your braid. Or, for more of a statement go for a contrasting colour, like black against blonde hair.

4. Give your infinity braid a spritz of finishing spray

Once you’re happy with your infinity braid, add a finishing spray to give your braid a boost. We love Redken Quick Dry for infinity braids - it’s an instant finishing spray that will help give your braid lasting hold. Try spraying a little on your fingertips if you want to tidy up flyaway hairs.


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