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Top Short Hairstyles For Women In 2019

Elizabeth Hall
18 September 2018
woman with short black hair
Getting a major crop not only elongates your neck like a supermodel, it is one of the best and boldest ways to stand out. Lob and bob hairstyles are unofficially one of the biggest trends of the decade. But the famous lobs that have taken over Hollywood are only among a few of our favourite short hairstyles for women - pixie cuts and even the daring buzz cut are trendy ways to switch up your look this year. Get inspired to lose some length and embrace your raw beauty with our top picks for short hairstyles in 2019.

Short Hair, Don’t Care - Why Short Hairstyles For Women Rule

What a disgrace to not show off your radiant face! The aesthetic of short hairstyles is reason enough to consider the big chop, but we won’t stop there. While having long hair may have been your childhood dream, having shorter strands is the chic sophistication we’re aiming for these days, providing the perfect frame for your profile. Check out the hottest short hairstyles in 2019 to fill your calendar (you’ll be booking an appointment to go short and sweet in no time). 

Bodacious Bob

If you like to switch up your cut more than your dating profile and you haven’t taken the bob plunge, can you really consider yourself a bold trendsetter? Bob hairstyles started popping up in Paris over 100 years ago and the chin-skimming short ‘dos are not going anywhere in 2019. This classic hairstyle proves that once you go shorter, you never go back. The versatility of bob hairstyles is the real MVP here: they work on thick, fine, thin, and every other type of hair out there - BRB, calling our stylist.

The hottest take on the famous bob at the moment is the hairline bob. From the front, this style is just long enough to be tucked behind the ear and from the back, it is just a hair away from being a pixie cut whilst still remaining in bob territory. Depending on how you style it, you can either have unstoppable volume or sleek sophistication. You can have a totally new look simply by parting your blunt bob down the middle vs. the side. Bob hairstyles are the ‘do du jour.

Lovely Lob

Ah, lob hairstyles. Although it’s not technically a short hairstyle, the lob is the stepping stone to going shorter from long hair if you’re afraid of a big leap. The longer take on the timeless bob hairstyle, this style has surpassed trend and made its way to the Hairstyle Hall of Fame. The length falls somewhere between your chin and your collarbone making for the perfect face-framing cut. Top stylists agree on one thing - the lob makes hair look thick and healthy and the bluntness draws attention to bone structure - oh la la. 

One of our top lob hairstyles consists of subtle layering and curtain bangs - the most Parisian take on short hairstyles for women, très chic! For this look we like messy, disheveled waves that say, “I woke up like this (except I actually didn’t)”.

Perfect Pixie Cut

Rocking the pixie cut has been a cool-girl move for ages. When we think of a list of short hairstyles for women, there’s no way the pixie cut has slipped our minds. This hairstyle radiates confidence and class and assures us that less is definitely more. The choppy crop is known to make cheekbones pop and complement your best features by putting them front and centre. This look is bold and empowering, everything we love about being a woman.

Our pixie cut look-of-the-moment is definitely gelled back and parted to the side. Salon favourite L’Orèal Professional Techni.ART Wet Domination Extreme Splash is the key to achieving this ‘do. This product delivers the perfect head-rising-from-the-pool look that is so on trend and sexy right now. Slicking back your short strands is edgy in an elegant way we can’t stop gawking at. This style is all about attitude and confidence - own it girl! 

Buzz Cut Realness

A lot of celebs have been making the move to Chop City in a very captivating way - the buzz cut. If you consider yourself courageous and confident and want all eyes on you, get buzzed about this short hairstyle in 2019. It could be the statement you’re after or maybe you just hate the maintenance of longer locks - either way, we fully support this adventurous trend. If you opt for this chop, you can put your locks to good use and donate them to charity!

The beauty of this short hairstyle is that well, it’s short. Styling isn’t really an issue (think of the time saved, winning). If you want to mix up your buzz cut then try adding some colour - we love L’Orèal Professional #COLORFULHAIR semi-permanent hair colours because they offer infinite possibilities to switch up your shade. Be bold, life is short!

Short hairstyles for women are all the hype in 2019. Call up your stylist and get a cute chop to match the new you this year.
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