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Very Short Hairstyles You'll Be Tempted To Take The Trim For

28 February 2019
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La mode du jour: short, super short. Very short hairstyles exude confidence, it’s just a fact. We can thank celebrities for glamorising short hair for women… but even us non-famous folk can admire a dramatic cut. Sure, very short hairstyles can be worn by any face shape, but it’s less about face shape than it is attitude. You know, the shorter the hair, the harder they stare! Oh and spoiler alert: it grows back, so it doesn’t have to be a lifelong commitment if you’re worried about it! Check out our fave cool girl cuts (super short styles) to gain the confidence to finally take the pixie plunge. We don’t fall short here, we lend you pro-approved #shorthairdontcare styling tips to act as your short spirit guide. Now put on your game face and get ready to join the crop club!

Why Short Hair For Women Is More Than A Trend

You know how when you smile and pretend to be happy when you’re in a foul mood and it results in a more cheerful demeanour? Very short hairstyles can have the same effect: chop off all your hair and see your confidence flourish! As the saying goes - “fake it until you make it”. Yes, we’re getting deep here, but it’s to prove a point. Short hair for women is empowering AF. With pixie cuts and trendy mullets (yes, they’re a thing and they’re damn cool) on the rise, you have room to express yourself whilst finding a style that suits you best. As we say, life is too short to have boring hair! Besides, what’s better than beautiful locks and saving money on shampoo? Nothing. We can vouch for that. Check out these super short hairstyles that scream style and more importantly, power.

woman with short blunt cut hair style

5 Very Short Hairstyles You Must Try, Because Life Is Short

If you’ve been falling short in the hairstyling department then today is your lucky day! Here are the trendiest - albeit fierce - short hair for women ideas to save to your “short hairspo” Pinterest board. Ready, set - snip, snip!

The Perfected Pixie

Naturally, this look is the first on the list as it’s one of the most iconic short hairstyles of all-time. The popularity of this ‘do hasn’t waned down one bit, and we get why. Pair this close crop with a platinum or bold hair colour to really make a statement (and turn a lot of heads).

How to style: start by blow drying damp hair with a diffuser to get a bit of expansion. Complete by distributing a pea-sized amount of styling cream like L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Transformer (we love the pliable texture and hold) throughout your hair for messy definition and a piecey look.

The Quirky Quiff (AKA Pompadour)

Very short hairstyles are certainly not limited to men, this ‘do is proof. This cut is stylish, edgy and just plain cool. We love the quiff complete with statement earrings or bold makeup to show the world you’re just as awesome as you look. Try this puffed up look for the self-assurance you never knew you needed!

How to style: Set the foundation of this style with Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer Treatment Cream - it offers heat protection, volume, and reduces blow dry time. Then use a round brush and blow dryer to tease your quiff into desired swept-back shape. Finally, shape your pompadour with a comb and use a spritz of L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Plithermo-modelling spray to get the perfect hold and shape.

The Oh-So-Sweet Sweep

If you’re the artsy minimalist type, this ‘do is for you. The sweep works best on straight hair, parted to one side (your best side, of course). Ask your stylist to add bold babylights to give this crop the dimension it deserves.

How to style: Start by parting hair off to one side with a comb. Next, distribute a bit of L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Super Dust texture powder into the palm of your hands. Apply to dry hair, focusing on the roots for some winning volume. Then backcomb hair (minding your side-part) for amplified body.

The Bold Blunt Cut

Short choppy hairstyles, like an above-the-ear blunt cut were spotted left and right at Fashion Week. Take this chic gamine crop to your stylist for an instant transformation that is trendy, modern and vogue - the ultimate “It Girl” triad. The blunt cut is a firm fave.

How to style: This look doesn’t need much in the way of styling, except shine, lots of shine. The L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil range delivers with a glossy and supple-looking finish… glass hair, is it you?

The Marvellous Mullet

We can honestly say we never imagined this on our list of the trendiest very short hairstyles, but yet here it is. One of the most beloved hairstyles of the ‘80s, the mullet has been given a modern twist. If you’re all about the “party in the back, business in the front” kind of life, ask your stylist about this throwback look.

How to style: Start with damp hair and apply L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Wet Domination styling gel to the top portion of your head (starting at the hairline). This slicked back style is provocative and full ‘o shine!

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Ready to feel empowered and trendy? Get hip with a lil’ snip, snip!

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